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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Snow is unusual here on the eastern shore. In the eight years I’ve lived here, I remember just two major snow falls. Both occurred on back-to-back weekends in late January and early February, 2010 and we cancelled both worship services. Until the snowfall on February 17th, we’d only had a dusting of snow this season.

When snow falls, it is beautiful. It’s so WHITE, so pure. It covers up everything. All the ugliness is hidden and all the harsh and sharp angles are softened in that blanket of white. But after a day or so, the brilliant, white snow turns gray and black. It’s no longer pretty; in fact, it’s downright depressing and disgusting. How and why does white snow turn gray, even black? The answer is dirt. And the amazing thing is that dirt is in the air all the time.It takes a snowfall for it to be revealed.

That’s something to remember this Lent. On Ash Wednesday, some receive ashes in the sign of the cross on the forehead. Those ashes are sooty, and you discover that they’re a little hard to remove when you try to wash them off.

Ashes are a symbol of mourning, penitence, grief and humiliation. Job sat among the ashes in his grief and despair, the prophets threw ashes into the air. Tamar, daughter of David, put ashes on her head after being raped by her half-brother, Amnon, to symbolize her shame and humiliation. Ashes are a public expression of the secret blackness of the heart.

It’s no wonder, then, that most of us resist receiving ashes in the sign of the cross on our foreheads. Who wants all the world to know that we admit to having blackness in our hearts? It’s bad enough to know it ourselves, but sharing that with the world? Get real! I admire those who attend an early morning Mass or service on Ash Wednesday and wear the ashy cross all day long: at work, in school, running errands and attending meetings.

We’d rather spend our time constructing our lives with the shiny, careful veneer of perfection. But the truth of the matter is we are human. Everybody is. We crack, cry, crumble and hurt. We make mistakes, some bigger and more evident than others. And when we do, the dust of our humanness gets all over everything.

Lent calls us to let out a deep breath, sit down in the middle of the cloud of dust that is our humanity, and be fully human, even when we look as shiny as can be, as though we have our act together, as pure and bright as a new snowfall, still desperately needing God. We are covered with that human layer of dust. And like the dirt that is always present in the air and turns white snow to gray, the dust of humanity is present always.

In these Lenten days, remember that you are dust and to dust you will return. Remember that you can’t escape the dust of humanity, the dust of sin. Only Christ and his shed blood can truly wash it away. And he already did that.

In Christ,

Don Rising


MAR 1 -- 9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Worship/Communion

Congregational Mtg.

MAR 8 -- 9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Worship

MAR 15 -- 9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Worship

MAR 22 -- 9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Worship/Munch-n-Mingle

MAR 29 -- 9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Worship/ Palm Sun.

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Has your address changed? Please notify the Church Office.

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Stories from the Basement

Help and Outreach Point of Entry, Inc.

By Donna Clark RN, Director

It’s been a week of wintry weather and a difficult time for anyone living in camps or on the streets. One man was injured when the wind blew a tree branch down on his tent, knocking over his propane heater and setting it on fire. He suffered second degree burns and several fractured ribs. Hospitalized, he could not handle the environment of the hospital and signed himself out AMA (what is AMA?). Now what to do? His tent is gone and all that he owns has been destroyed.

Thanks to the shelters available in our commu-nity there is a safe dry place to recover. The Community Emergency Shelter Project (CESP) has been open to the homeless of our commu-nity since the first weekend of January and is housing 28-35 men. We are seeing men with chronic physical and mental health issues and in need of a warm bed, healthy food, and patience (love). What these churches do is amazing! The volunteers go out of their way to feed and care for these lost souls. When this awful weather was predicted last weekend, a group from Asbury United Methodist Church stepped forward and offered to help the shelter (being hosted this week by Community of Joy Church) to stay open during the day. The work done in this shelter project is truly the act of Christian love. Each and every volunteer opens his or her heart and allows God’s love to flow through them by providing the food or the fellowship to those in most need. The project is an example of the Word of God bringing about the fruits of our faith.

During this time of Lent the passage of Isaiah 58:1-12 shows us what form of “fasting” is acceptable in the eyes of our Lord. The volunteers of CESP look beyond themselves and give to the marginalized in our community. Thank you!

Habitat for Humanity

We have a fundraiser meal planned at LMB for Habitat for Humanity on March 21st.  The menu consists of Saturday night stew and home-made apple pie.  Suggested donation of $8 per person.  We will be having sign-up for seatings at 5, 5:30 or 6 p.m., and would like to encourage everyone to sign up to support this event.  For those individuals interested in helping with serving and set-up/clean-up, please plan on attending a meeting after church on March 8th.

Soup Kitchen

FEBRUARY 19, 2015  

#Served 77                  #Refills 2

Menu: Sliced turkey with gravy, dressing, green beans, applesauce, rolls, cake

Contributors: MD Food Bank, Deacons, Nan Curry, Angela Duffield, Sue Reddish

Helpers: Lee Hammond, Denny Mogan, Pete Kosinski, Carol Cuppett, Ellen Spence, Carol Montgomery, Dr. Donald Rising; Sue Reddish, Debbie Clark, and Dody Conaway all cooked



Wednesday Alive

Is Alive and Well!

So please come and join us

Here is the schedule for programs at the next few months of Wednesday Alive:

March. 4, 2015 -- We will be entertained by a quartet from the Peninsulaires singing group! They will sing for us and tell us about their group. This is a very special event for us and we want to have a GREAT turnout for them, so bring your friends as well, and an extra large covered dish to share.

April 8, 2015 --  Who Do We Think We Are ? This will be an evening of fun and games about getting to know ourselves and each other, no brain power needed here, just a sense of humor !  Sounds like fun - bring a dish of course.

May -- date and program to be decided at a later time.

Easter Party & Egg Hunt

Invite family and friends to join us for our annual

Easter Party & Egg Hunt

Children ages 3-10

Saturday, March 28th

10:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Fellowship Hall

Games, Crafts, Music, Stories & Pizza!

For more information call Denny Mogan 410-546-0330.


Our choir members are dedicated to providing inspiring music for worship throughout the year. In March, everyone is invited to join us for two extra-special events. On Saturday, March 14 at 5:00 PM the Tintinnabulators will perform with hundreds of other handbell ringers in the closing concert for the Handbell Musicians of America Area III festival at the Convention Center in Ocean City. The concert is free and open to the public, but seating is limited.

On Sunday, March 22, we will celebrate Girl Scout Sunday with the Joyful Noise Choir and the Chancel Choir singing "Agnus Dei (Lamb of God" by John Rutter during 11:00 worship. This will be a sneak preview of our Choir Sundays in May, when we will sing Rutter's Mass of the Children with Asbury's adult and children's choirs.


Brown Bag Bible Study

Dr. Rising will lead a 4-week series of bible studies on the “I Ams” of John’s Gospel. Jesus says,” I Am. . . .” On March 4th, we’ll consider “I am the Light of the World”; on March 11th, “I am the Door” and “I am the Bread of Life”; on March 18th, “I am the Good Shepherd” and “I am the True Vine”; and conclude the study on March 25th with “I am the Way, Truth and Life” and “I am the Resurrection and Life.” The study begins promptly at noon and ends at 1 PM. Beverages will be provided; feel free to bring your lunch.

The Bible

The Christian Education Council invites you to know your Bible better.  Adult questions change each week, on Sunday.  We are currently studying the gospel of St. John to blend with Dr. Rising's Brown Bag Bible study.  How well do you know your Bible?

KNOW IT in your head,

STOW IT in your heart,

SHOW IT in your life,

SOW IT in the world!


August 4, 2011



What can we tell you about our March Congre-gant of the Month that you don’t already know? Well, hopefully we can share a few things about Ann Eelman that are not common knowledge. Ann has two (2) adult children, Helen and Charlie, and lives in Fruitland with her wonderful dog, Katie, a rescue dog that was lucky enough to find a loving home.

Ann has been a faithful member of Wicomico Presbyterian Church for many years. She was drawn to our church by our Reformed Faith and practice as well as our members. Ann is currently an Elder, serving our congregation for a three year term in this capacity.

Ann’s interests include doing art – specifically oil, watercolor, and pastel. She also enjoys getting outside and working in her garden growing both flowers and vegetables. When the weather won’t permit outdoor relaxation, Ann likes to read.

One thing that is important to Ann is having Wicomico Presbyterian Church once again become a vital, growing congregation. She also would like to see more awareness of the dangers of global warming. Along with her art, gardening, and reading, Ann enjoys spending time with her family, involved in church activities/worship, and in studying theology.

So the next time you see Ann, plant a seed of fellowship and ask her how you might make your garden more beautiful or if she can recommend a good book for those cold Winter nights or rainy Spring days…you may be surprised at what will grow.




Special Meeting

The Session has called a special meeting of the Congregation for Sunday, March 1st, following worship to approve the request of Dr. Rising to dissolve the pastoral relationship between himself and the Wicomico Presbyterian Church so that he may retire, effective June 30, 2015.

Think Spring

Go to "ALSWALK Salisbury, MD" and sign up to walk, or donate, to "JEAN'S TEAM" for the April 18th walk at Winterplace Park.  There is no fee for walking, but you will need to sign a liability waiver.  All the details are listed on the website or call Robin 443-944-3749 with your questions.

Easter Lilies

Although snow is still on the ground, it is time to think Easter! The 2015 WPC Easter lilies sale will begin the first of March. An order blank is inserted in this issue of the Chatter and additional order blanks are available in the bulletin and on the table in the back lobby of the church.

The cost for a six-inch pot with 4 to 7 blooms is the same as last year, $7.75. The deadline for orders is March 22nd, 2015. The lilies will be placed in the sanctuary on Easter morning and you are requested to pick them up after the service and take yours home.

Please consider ordering one or several lilies. Our small profit will be used to fund purchases we need for the sanctuary.

Thank you,

Donna Forgash, Sanctuary Committee

Snow Removal

In the event of snow two (2) inches or less, attempts will be made to clear the back parking lot, and the back entrance should be used. In the event that there is a snowfall within 24 hours of a scheduled sanctuary event, the front doors (Broad Street entrance) will not be open, and the sidewalk will not be cleared.

Notes of Thanks

Thank you to all who have volunteered for our secretarial substitute list!  Many hands make light work and spread the joy of service among our congregants!  May God richly bless you!

Robin Long

* * * * *

Pancake Dinner -- With great regret we cancelled the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner because of the snowstorm.  This was one of the fund raisers for our mission team’s planned trip to the Pittsburgh Project Service Camp this summer.  We would like to thank everyone who was planning to attend the pancake dinner, and hope you will consider supporting our other fund raisers, or consider giving a donation to WPC - Pittsburgh Project.

Larry McCauley

Looking Ahead

Maundy Thursday Tenebrae Service
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n Thursday, April 2nd.

Easter Service at 11 AM on April 5th

April Chatter Deadline Is

Wednesday, March 25th


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