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December 2014


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

By the time you are reading this, the Advent season will be upon us. Advent begins on Sunday, November 30th, and is a time of waiting, hoping, and preparing. Advent is a time to prepare to celebrate the birth of God's son hundreds of years ago while still searching for the presence of God each day in our lives. You might say Advent is a time for finding God.

The Bible is full of those who found God, and they weren't always the "finders" you might expect. A young girl named Mary found God, as she learned that she was chosen to bear God's son. In spite of what had to be for her a mixture of fear, confusion, and awe, she responded, "let it be with me according to your word."

A group of shepherds found God as they tended their flocks on a hillside. Probably the least likely "finders" of their day, they were undoubtedly poor and uneducated, definitely what might be considered a lower class. Their job was difficult and dirty and that alienated them from others in society. Yet they were the first to hear an angel proclaim, “Do not be afraid; for see—I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people: to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord. This will be a sign for you: you will find a child wrapped in bands of cloth and lying in a manger.” They were serenaded by a choir of angels who sang, “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace among those whom he favors!” They hastened to find Mary, Joseph, and the baby. They not only found the newborn King, "they returned, glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen." The lowly shepherds may have been the first Christian evangelists.

Three wise men were "finders." Matthew's Gospel tells us that they followed a most unusual star, arriving at the birth place of Jesus. And when they saw him, they were overwhelmed with joy, and presented marvelous gifts to the baby.

We, too, are finders. We are finders who are seekers, constantly searching for God in our lives. We are looking for God in our families, neighborhoods, our country. We are desperately longing for God's presence and peace in our world. Many of us are unlikely finders as well: we are sometimes confused, sometimes frightened, sometimes doubtful. And yet we have confidence in our search, for we have the assurance of God's promise to be with us. We have the assurance of God's great love for us, expressed in the gift of his son, Emmanuel - God with us.

We can learn from those biblical finders. We can accept God's will for us with Mary's confidence: "let it be with me according to your word." Like the shepherds, we can continually glorify and praise God with our words and our actions. Like the wise men, we can experience overwhelming joy as we find God's presence within ourselves and in our neighbors. May you find God in new and wonderful ways in the coming days, giving thanks for God's love and faithfulness and living lives that reflect that love.

On this our eighth Christmas among you, Lynn and I wish each of you a Christ-filled Christmas. We are glad to be among you and serve you.

In Christ,

Don Rising


DEC 7 -- 9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Worship/Communion

DEC 14 -- 9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Worship

DEC 21 -- 9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Worship

DEC 28 -- 9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Worship

Has your email address changed? Please notify the Church Office.

Has your address changed? Please notify the Church Office.

Have you acquired a new cell phone or changed your phone number? Please notify the Church Office.

December is an exciting time in our faith and in the life of the church.

  • We’ll rake leaves and pick up downed branches beginning at 8:30 AM on Wednesday, December 3rd. If you can help, we’d appreciate it!

  • We’ll decorate the church for Christmas on Wednesday, December 3rd. We begin at 6 PM with a dinner of pizza. Bring a salad or dessert. Following dinner we’ll transform our church for Christmas. Mark your calendars and join us for a fun evening!

  • Each Sunday, we will prepare for Christ by lighting candles on the Advent wreath and see how the light of Christ grows in our world.

  • On December 14th, we’ll enjoy a presentation of inspirational Christmas music by our choir, Tintinnabulators and Salisbury Brass. Following worship, we’ll enjoy our annual Christmas dinner. Make your reservation and plan to join your brothers and sisters for worship and a feast.

  • On Christmas Eve, we worship at 7:30 PM. It’s always a magical service as we are prepared for worship by prelude music presented by our handbells. We listen to the story of Christmas in music, the Bible and a modern story. Worship ends with the traditional candlelight and we leave with the glow of candles and warmth and love in our hearts. Bring your family and celebrate the birth of our Savior!

The Congregation met on Sunday, November 23rd, following worship.

John Allen, Ann Eelman, Carole Sipe and Nevins Todd were elected as Elders, Class of 2017. John Crapster, Carol Cuppett, Larry McCauley and Ginny Mogan were elected as Deacons, Class of 2017. 

John Crapster, Carol Cuppett, Larry McCauley and Ginny Mogan were elected as Deacons, Class of 2017.

Martha Swain was elected as Deacon, Class of 2015 (to fill the 1-year unexpired term of Steve Barlow).

Marie Carter and Larry McCauley were elected to the Memorial Endowment Committee, Class of 2016.

Kathie Bushman and Betty Zerr were elected to the Memorial Endowment Committee, Class of 2018.

Nelson Malone was elected to the board of Presbyterian Properties, Inc., Class of 2019.

Nellie Abbott, Kathie Bushman, and Pat Kosinski were elected to the 2015 Nominating Committee.

The congregation approved changes in the pastor’s terms of call, increasing the salary by 1.7%.

The Corporation approved receiving properties transferred from Presbyterian Properties, Inc.

Presbyterian Properties, Inc. approved transferring properties to the Corporation of WPC.

New officers will be ordained/installed during worship on Sunday, January 4, 2015.


Stories from the Basement

Help and Outreach Point of Entry, Inc.


Donna Clark RN, Director

Not every client we see is endearing. Issues like mental health illness, addictions, and poverty create personality changes that make some of our guests very difficult to love. Their instincts of survival often make them want everything in sight that is offered. Sometimes they get so “needy” we are inclined to shut them out both in our minds and hearts.

Alice is one of those persons who challenges our patience and our Christian hearts. She is bi-polar, addicted to heroin and will take almost any drug that passes in front of her. She is a beautiful woman who is an expert at manipula-tion. She is in and out of jail for petty crimes and inconsistent with her visits here at the office. When she walks in and is able to communicate, she takes up all attention with her dramas and needs. All of us realize we need to stop and take a breath, asking for an extra measure of patience and understanding. By the time she leaves she has used up all we have to give and taken everything that has been put out as a giveaway.

Today she leaves with a back pack full of toiletry items, clothing, shoes, and food. Her last request of us today was transportation to the Emergency Department so she can get a doctor to prescribe nerve pills. Since she appears in no distress we refused. Alice has cried “wolf” so many times about her health that we have become immune to her com-plaints. Although, last week, when she was discharged from the hospital she was showing severe signs of a neurological disorder, and she was scared. Having refused to go to another health care facility at the time of discharge, she came to our office for guidance. Not liking our advice, she chose to continue living homeless on the streets. She claims that she cannot read or write and is unable to follow our written instructions. She always has a reason why she is not following any of our suggested solutions to her problems.

It is not our job to judge her; it is our job to show God’s loving compassion to her and those around us. Each and every one of us is valued and loved by God. Because of God’s boundless compassion, we can rely on God’s Spirit to guide and direct us in what we say and do. We have to remember Jesus’ words in Luke 12:6-7 and show that love as we reach out to those we serve. 

Soup Kitchen

November 20, 2014

#Served 115                 #Refills 20

Menu: Turkey with gravy, dressing, cranberry sauce, greens/vinegar, rolls, pies with Cool Whip

Contributors: MD Food Bank, Deacons, Perdue Farms, Dr. Nevins Todd, Chris Poole, Vic Laws, everyone who baked pies for our desserts

Helpers: Lee Hammond, Kirby Wells, Pete Kosinski, Diane Langeler, Carol Cuppett, Carol Montgomery, Ellen Spence; Debbie Poole & Sylvia Langeler cooked turkeys on Tuesday; Donna Forgash, Harriette Schmick, Debbie Clark, Denny Mogan & Sue Reddish all finished cooking on Wednesday & carving the turkeys.

Christmas Joy Offering

This is the 4th in a series (One Great Hour of Sharing, Pentecost, & Peace Making) of offerings that WPC congregants give in support to Presbyterian Church (USA) pro- grams. This one traditionally is received during the Advent season.

The Christmas Joy Offering provides past, present, and future leaders with financial aid. Past leaders, for example, could be re- tired ministers who may be in need of an Income Supplement and/or a Housing Sup- plement. Another past leader could have been in service to our denomination and in need of a grant for a medical prosthesis. Joy funds were there to assist those who served others.

Future Leaders and Present Leaders are those who received grants to attend schools like the Presbyterian Pan American School in Brownsville Texas. This teaching ministry pro- vides a Christian education and a foundation that becomes a platform for evangelistic out- reach worldwide. Scholarships are provided also for students to obtain undergraduate and/or post graduate degrees.

Special envelopes are in the pews or you may provide your own. Please identify your gift as “CHRISTMAS JOY OFFERING” so Chris Poole, Treasurer, may deposit it in the CJO account.

Contributions will be received between now and December 21st. Envelopes may be mailed, brought into the office or placed in the collection plate on Sunday 7th, 14th and 21st. Your gift does change lives. Please give generously.

Thank you from your Mission Committee.


First, to everyone who helped in any way with the Thank Offering Worship Service and Fellowship Reception. Your giving nature and unselfish ways are a blessing to me and to our church -- thank you so much.

If you would still like to donate to the Thank Offering there are envelopes on the tables in the back hallway or you can just mark the memo line on your check.  We can receive offerings until the first Sunday in December.

Second, the large bulletin board in the back hallway is ready for your Christmas greeting cards so bring one in from your family any time now.  There are thumb tacks in the cup on the edge of the board.  Let's see if we can fill the board with messages of the wonder of the season.

Looking ahead to the new year, the Presbyterian Women have several events planned. We will have our Least Coin Soup, Sandwich and Dessert Luncheon on Monday, January 12th at noon.  Save up your pennies for this event.

The Coordinating Team meets Monday, February 10th at 10 a.m. and again April 27th.

Our Birthday Offering Salad, Sandwich and Dessert Luncheon is planned for Monday March 23rd at noon.  This is when we mark our years of life with a donation of a multiple of the number of those years.

We finish out our year with a Spring Dinner on Wednesday, May 13th at 6 p.m. with the next in the Fruits of the Spirit series--Peace.  

In the meantime, the Circles continue to meet monthly on their regular schedules.  If you are interested in joining a circle or in attending one of the luncheons and/or dinner, please contact me to learn more about it.

As I like to say, "Mission is our middle name" and we thank you for your help and support.


Harriette Schmick, Moderator



Wednesday Alive

Decorating the Sanctuary For Christmas

We will be decorating the Sanctuary on Wednesday, December 3rd, at 6:00 p.m. All parishioners are encouraged to come out and help. Bring a salad or dessert. Pizza will be provided.

Calling All Knitters

The Knitting Group, which is now called “Knit Two, Chat Too”, meets on the third Monday of the month in the church Parlor. Please come and join us for some knitting and chatting. Contact Ellie Sheppard at 410-546-5770 if you have any questions.


Please join us for Choir Sunday on December 14 during 11:00 AM worship. The Chancel Choir, Tintinnabulators, Salisbury Brass, and baritone soloist William Willis will provide special music to glorify God and to celebrate the Christmas season.

Salisbury Chamber Singers Present

A White Christmas”

Salisbury Chamber Singers will present a concert entitled "A White Christmas." The concert will feature songs for playing in the SNOW, praying in the SNOW and celebrating a BELOVED film classic. We hope you can join us. 

Two performances will be given: Friday, Dec. 12th at 7:30 PM, and Saturday, Dec. 13th at 3:00PM, at Wicomico Presbyterian Church. Advance tickets are $9 for Senior Citizens, $12 for Adults, and Free for Students. Tickets at the door are $10 for Senior Citizens and $15 for Adults. For more information, please call 410-749-8374.


Church Triumphant

Dorothy L. Johnson joined the Church Triumphant on Tuesday, November 11th. Dorothy and Chuck joined WPC on April 15, 1984 when they moved to the Eastern Shore. Dorothy was trained as an educator and taught in several school districts. She engaged in much volunteer work and was a faithful attender of our worship services. We extend our sympathies to Chuck and Dan. Blessed are those who die in the Lord. They rest from their labors and their good works follow them.

Notes of Thanks

A huge THANK YOU to everyone for all their cards, calls, meals, flowers, rides to the doctor, and especially for all your prayers. Also, thank you to everyone who has offered to help with the holiday Soup Kitchen meals. It is so diffi-cult to find the words to express how much your concern and help means. Thank you so much for everything.

Sue Reddish


Chuck and Dan Johnson would like to express their sincere thanks for all the support through your cards, visits, and prayers during the passing of our wife and mother, Dorothy Johnson. “Dottie” loved the church family and greatly appreciated all you’ve done. 


Many thanks for the cards, calls and prayers following my sinus surgery. It is wonderful to be part of a loving church family.

Ann Eelman


A big thank you goes to the following people for covering the office during Bravard's vacations:

Sue Reddish                    Chris Poole

Jane Burt                         Ellie Sheppard

Nan Curry                        Carol Cuppett

Cecelia Dennis                Diane Langeler

Mona Farley                    Donna Forgash

Karen Bennie, HR Committee Chair


Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for celebrating my 25th anniversary of music ministry at Wicomico Presbyterian on November 9. It is, and always has been, my greatest honor and my highest joy to make music with and for you. I look forward to many more years of service!

May God bless all of you.

Susan Zimmer

Poinsettia Sale

The poinsettias you ordered will be available for pick-up on Thursday, December 11, 2014, between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. in the classroom at the church. If you need other arrangements, please call Donna Forgash at 410-726-2303. Thank you for supporting our Sanctuary Committee with your orders.

Sanctuary Flowers for 2015

Donate flowers for our sanctuary to remember loved ones, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions. The 2015 Flower Calendar (posted on the door of the flower closet) will be available the middle of December. The cost remains at $35.00, and checks are to be made out to WPC, with a note in the memo line “Sunday flowers”. Please remember to call the office with your special “dedication” to be printed in the bulletin by Wednesday prior to your selected date.

If you have special requests regarding colors, etc., call Sonya’s Flower Boutique at 410-548-1900 the Monday prior to your Sunday. Your donation of flowers adds greatly to the beauty of the sanctuary. Thank you!

Let’s Grow Our Church,

Part Two

In October, I wrote about simple ways to welcome and engage visitors and members. To grow God’s church we need to attract and retain members. Some of the challenges our congregation faces were discussed at our September Wednesday’s Alive.

One story was about a member of our church who saw me at his place of business and after a quick greeting asked: “What’s wrong with our church?” My reply was immediate: “Nothing is wrong with our church that isn’t facing many other traditional congregations.” The Holy Spirit helped me respond, as days before one member of a local Episcopal congregation lamented the same concerns we face here: declining membership, limited financial resources to maintain our sanctuary and missions, and few young people to carry our church into the future. What to do?

Glynn Huntington, a frequent visitor, mentioned two key requirements for a successful church: talent and financial resources. WPC has a very talented congregation. What might be wavering is something addressed by Jon Gordon in the book: THE ENERGY BUS. Our forward movement is sometimes interrupted by “energy vampires” who steal our enthusiasm and willingness to serve. No whining is a good policy for maintaining positive momentum. To grow, we need a congregation of “energy ambassadors.”

Remember when Tom Sawyer had to whitewash his aunt’s huge fence? It was a hot, summer day and he was being punished. His joyous demeanor attracted lots of children who helped complete that task quickly. Perhaps, you felt the palpable energy that ruled the day of the ALS Challenge at WPC? Energy ambassadors were everywhere!

What about the financial demands upon our congregation? Many organizations hold fundraising events to address demands or manage big projects. Several suggestions were made to address possible “FUN-raising” needs. Watch for those ideas in a future article. Volunteers will be needed to make that fun happen. Can you find the energy to step up?

Energy ambassador or vampire: which are you? You may need to step away from completing God’s mission for you at WPC. Life intervenes due to family, work, health and other issues. Restore yourself and remember the adage: “Many hands make light work.” God loves a willing servant. If you cannot serve today-can you speak, act, pray and think positively about our church?

God has placed us in this congregation to do His will. Smile, greet, volunteer and pass the peace. We are the body of Christ. Let’s grow HIS church!

Looking Ahead

January 7th – 6:00 p.m.

Undecorate the church. Meet at 6:00 p.m. for covered dish supper.


Janice Hopkins 1

Robert Fore 7

Kirby Wells 8

Matthew Robinson 9

Katlyn Ulrich 9

Holly Hatton 12

Peter Jackson 13

Anna Taylor 13

Michele Thomas 13

Cindy Ashcraft 15

Peter Kosinski 16

Lorie Bratton 19

Sarah Gregory 21

Randy Mitchell 21

Natasha Carter 22

Gil Kim 22

Judy Jackson 25

Larry McCauley 27

Michael Wells 27

Phyllis White 28

Brett Mitchell 29

George Jennings 30

Josh McIntire 30

January Chatter

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Monday, December 22nd


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