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January 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are about to flip the page of the calendar. Even though we do that 11 other times in a year, this one is significant because we launch into a new year. Most of us get a little introspective. We reflect on the past year: successes and failures, highs and lows, good times and bad ones. And we plan for a new year, a new beginning. It’s a good time to review our purpose and our goals. Many will resolve to go on a diet or to get more exercise. Some may even decide to make changes in lifestyle or behavior, such as being kinder or more generous.

Several incidents and events have made headlines in recent months that challenge our thinking, including my own. And it seems that our society faces a real dichotomy.

  • We call ourselves a Christian nation, yet we exclude some segments of our population, we engage in hate crimes, we have become polarized and treat each other with gross disrespect. How does that kind of behavior and attitude match the teachings of our Lord? How can we proclaim to be Christians AND engage in such thinking and behavior?

  • On the base of the Statue of Liberty are the words of Emma Lazarus:

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

Surely we recognize that (unless we descend from Native Americans) all of us are “come heres,” immigrants. Why are many of us so adamant about denying access to those who wish to come to our nation? Why do we want to deny them the opportunities each of us has and has had because our ancestors left homelands to come here?

  • We say we believe that all are created equal, and by that we mean that each has equal opportunity. Why do have such a racial problem in our country? Why do we continue to fight that battle?

  • We say Jesus is Lord. Why do we ignore his teachings? Why do we fail to live the way He calls us to live?

  • We say the church is important. Why are pews and offering trays empty?

I invite you to ponder these things and ask these questions of yourself as you begin 2015. And may the words of Micah 6:8 guide you, “He has told you, O mortal, what is good: and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”

Peace and Love,

Don Rising


JAN 4 -- 9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Worship/Communion

JAN 11 -- 9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Worship

JAN 18 -- 9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Worship

JAN 25 -- 9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Worship

Has your email address changed? Please notify the Church Office.

Has your address changed? Please notify the Church Office.

Have you acquired a new cell phone or changed your phone number? Please notify the Church Office.

January Is Not Drab!

If you look in your Envelope Giving Box, you’ll discover a yellow envelope with a colorful stained glass designed window motif.

If you received a Box, this yellow envelope is your reminder to please enclose $3.00 to cover the cost of providing this convenient way of documenting your giving. The Treasurer would appreciate, most gratefully, if you would return the cheerfully colored envelope by the end of January. Thank you!


Stories from the Basement

Help and Outreach Point of Entry, Inc.


Donna Clark RN, Director

I love this time of year with all of the Christmas decorations and Christmas musicals that put most of us in the mood for loving, forgiveness, and peace. Today as I was traveling to the office I encountered a former client at her job. She came to us several years ago in need of a birth certificate, ID, and guidance through the health care system. She had 3 children and was just lost in the bureaucracy of community services. I barely remember her and over the last few months have visited her place of employment almost every week; never remembering that she was a client. Today she was so happy and shared with me all the blessings she has.

Crediting our agency with the first help needed, she now has a full time job, a good husband, a home and her Christmas is falling into place. They were able to spend money this past weekend and get all 5 of their children gifts for Christmas. The children are also enrolled in an after-school program, and that agency is providing Christmas gifts. Then she added that a church in the community has notified them that they will receive what is needed for a Christmas dinner.

Walking away from that encounter I felt that God was smiling down on us. I began to remember folks we have helped in the past and those who reconnected to let us know how much we have helped them. The homeless man with cancer who, although he is still fighting the disease, came back to thank us for helping him get health insurance and health care in the beginning of his trials. There was the lady who lived in camps for years but became too old to continue to survive in the woods. We helped her get an ID (one of our biggest challenges ever) and she was able to begin to collect benefits and obtain mental health care which ultimately led to housing and wellness. Then there is the man living in the woods with his dog who comes to see us every day we are open just to feel a part of a “family”.

As I take the time to think about those we have served, there are many success stories but, to the average observer they were small successes. I believe that as long as we continue to do as God guides us and use the tools He gives us we are more successful than we could ever dream of.

This is the best time to enjoy Luke 2:1-20. We at Help and Outreach Point of Entry, Inc. wish each of you a Joyous and Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.

Soup Kitchen

                               DECEMBER 18, 2014

#Served 89                  #Refills 21

Menu: Baked ham, mac & cheese, greens, applesauce, rolls, pies with whipped cream

Contributors: MD Food Bank, Deacons, Vic Laws, everyone who made pies

Helpers: Chris Poole, Kirby & Ann Wells, Lisa Rekos, Pat Kosinski, Debbie Clark, Jane Burt, Betty Zerr; Mona Farley, Dody Conaway, Betty Davidson, Sue Reddish cooked; David Schmick, Pete Swain


Our Presbyterian Women will start off the new year with our annual "Least Coin Luncheon" on Monday, January 12 at noon.  We traditionally serve soup, sandwiches and dessert.
In the mid 1950's a remarkable woman from India named Shanti Solomon conceived of the idea to fund projects that would promote justice, peace, reconciliation and intercession for those in special need of God's grace.  Women around the world could make their prayers concrete by putting the least coin of their country in a special container for each prayer. 

Once a year the funds would be collected and a Fellowship of the Least Coin committee would select projects throughout the world to receive grants.  Given in the name of Christian women, the grants would be used for ministries of mercy to promote work for justice and peace worldwide.  The women of our church have participated in this effort since the beginning and we do our part here at WPC through the Circles but anyone can contribute their prayers and pennies.

We invite all the women of the church to attend the luncheon.  Just call the office or me (410-251-6993) to reserve a place.


Harriette Schmick, Moderator



Change in Knitting Date

The Knitting Group, which is now called “Knit Two, Chat Too”, will be meeting on the fourth Monday of the month in January, January 26, in the church Parlor (due to the office being closed on January 19). Please come and join us for some knitting and chatting. Contact Ellie Sheppard at 410-546-5770 if you have any questions.

The Knitting Group, which is now called “Knit Two, Chat Too”, meets on the third Monday of the month in the church Parlor. Please come and join us for some knitting and chatting. Contact Ellie Sheppard at 410-546-5770 if you have any questions.


Thank you to all of our Choir Sunday musicians for a beautiful and inspiring service on December 14: Chancel Choir, Tintinnabulators, Salisbury Brass and baritone soloist William Willis. You have all been so generous with your gifts of time and talents.

Thank you also to my WPC “fan club” who attended my organ recital at St. Philip’s Church in Quantico on December 14. Half of the sanctuary was filled by my personal cheering section!

Reminder of Choir Schedules for January:

Sunday, January 4, is Choir Vacation. William Willis will sing in worship.

Thursday, January 8, regular rehearsals resume for Tintinnabulators at 6:30 and Chancel Choir at 7:45. Chancel Choir will resume singing in worship Sunday, January 11, at 11:00 with 10:30 rehearsal.

Choirs will NOT meet on Thursday, January 22!



Per Capita

As you open your box of Offering Envelopes for 2015, one of the first envelopes in the box is a blue one, marked Per Capita. You might ask, “What is Per Capita?” Per capita is an amount of money ($31.65 per member this year even though $30 is marked on the envelope. The figure had to be submitted to the envelope company before the figure was adopted by New Castle Presbytery) that our congregation pays to our larger Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). This money supports the structure that is the glue that holds Presby-terians together. Per Capita enables us to work with other Presbyterian churches in our Presbytery and across the country. It allows us to work with other churches to further the mission of Jesus Christ around the world.

How important is per capita? Here are some examples:

• Does our congregation want to benefit from relationships and cooperation with other Presbyterian churches across the country? Your per capita pays for the General Assembly meeting every two years where Presbyterians gather together to worship and discern the mind of Christ for the church.

• Does our congregation want to be involved in mission work throughout the world, sharing the gospel in all parts of the earth? In many places in our world, it is difficult to “do mission” except by working ecumenically with other churches. Your per capita helps to pay for meetings of Presbyterians with people of other Christian churches, allowing us to maintain those ties for mission.

• Do we want to benefit from helpful Presby-terian resources such as theBook of Order and The Book of Confessions? Your per capita pays for producing these basic resources, including in Spanish, Korean, and Braille.

• Do we want future generations to learn about our congregation’s present work (e.g., anniversary celebrations, membership rolls, session actions)? Your per capita helps to fund the Presbyterian Historical Society – preserving and sharing the Presbyterian experience.

• Do we want pastors who are well prepared to lead our congregations? Your per capita funds the preparation, administration, and grading of standard ordination examinations for seminary students.

• Do we want well-trained leaders for our presbyteries and more? Your per capita pays for annual training events for presbytery executives, stated clerks, and others who help lead our work and mission.

In addition, your per capita pays for the travel expenses of the Moderator and Vice Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) as they make their way across the church to share with and listen to folks like you about the exciting things God is doing in our midst.

We do not believe in being “lone rangers” in the PC(USA). We need each other as we work together to share the good news of Jesus Christ. As we benefit from the gifts, skills, vision, and ministry of each other in this place, so, too, do we benefit from an even wider array of gifts and ministry of our Presbyterian brothers and sisters across the church. Your per capita pays for the programs, training, and resources that help us work together and discern the mind of Christ for the PC(USA).

In 2015, WPC will make a payment of $6330. By contributing your portion of per capita, you free up dollars in our regular budget for the work of our congregation in this community. Thank you for making ministry possible through your Per Capita contribution. You may pay your 2015 per capita of $31.65 using the blue envelope in the front of your box of offering envelopes.

Snow Removal

In the event of snow two (2) inches or less, attempts will be made to clear the back parking lot, and the back entrance should be used. In the event that there is a snowfall within 24 hours of a scheduled sanctuary event, the front doors (Broad Street entrance) will not be open, and the sidewalk will not be cleared.

Annual Meeting

Session has set the date of the annual meeting of Congregation and Corporation for Sunday, February 15th following worship. A light lunch will follow the meeting. All reports from Councils and Organizations and Treasurers of organizations must be in the Church Office by Friday, January 23rd.

On January 4, 2015, we will ordain and install new officers. Carole Sipe will be ordained as an Elder; John Crapster and Larry McCauley will be ordained as Deacons. John Allen, Ann Eelman and Nevins Todd will be installed as Elders; Ginny Mogan and Martha Swain will be installed as Deacons. Carol Cuppett will be installed as a Deacon in early February.

Session Councils and Committees have been reorganized and are as follows:


Christian Ed

Robin Long

Carole Sipe

Denny Mogan, Chair


J. C. Taylor

Nevins Todd

Barbara Robinson, Chair


Nancy Althaus, Chair

Ann Eelman

Larry McCauley, D


Peter Alexander

George MacNamara, Chair

Nevins Todd


William Willis, Chair

John Allen

Susan Zimmer

Donna Forgash/Anne Hayman


Nevins Todd, Chair

Carole Sipe, E

Norma Cotter, D

Nellie Abbott

Kathie Bushman

Pat Kosinski

Human Resources

Robin Long, Chair

Barbara Robinson

Peter Alexander

Jennifer Turnbull, D


Nancy Althaus, Chair

George MacNamara

Peter Alexander

Mark Cotter

Larry McCauley

Chris Poole, Treasurer

Lee Hammond, ex officio


George White, Chair

Nevins Todd

Larry McCauley

Harrison, Sylvia and Diane Langeler

Sue Reddish

Nancy Althaus

Denny Mogan

Anne Hayman

Memorial Endowment

J. C. Taylor Session 15

George MacNamara Session 15

Ed Thomas 15 I

Denny Mogan 15 E

Marie Carter 16 E

Larry McCauley 16 E

Nelson Malone 17 E

Nevins Todd 17 E

Kathie Bushman 18 E

Betty Zerr 18 E

Presbyterian Properties Inc.

George White 15

Seth Mitchell 16

Dave Adams 17

Denny Mogan 18

Nelson Malone 19

Welcome New Member

On Sunday, December 7th, we welcomed Pete Kosinski into our Church Family. Pete returns to our family. He originally joined our church in 2001 and transferred to St. Stephen’s UMC in Delmar, DE in 2005. He lives with wife Pat. Pete can be seen ringing bells in our Tintinnabulators. Welcome back, Pete!

Notes of Thanks

December is always a busy month for our Sanctuary Committee. In addition to the usual decorating of our sanctuary and poinsettia sale we had a December wedding.

Thank you toall who helped to decorate our Sanctuary for Christmas. A special “thank you” again this year to Nevins Todd and his grand-son for having the Crismon tree up and ready for decorating when we arrived and to Judy Simulis who helped with the preparations for our night of decorating. On Wednesday, January 7th at 6:00 p.m. we will take down and store the decorations for another year. Please bring a covered dish and help. (No pizza this time.)

Another “thank you” to those who bought poinsettias. We sold 66 poinsettias, and the profit we made will help to buy supplies and decorations for the Sanctuary as the need arises. Cale and Cindi Ashcraft (Johnson Seed and Feed Co.) supplied the flowers, and they were beautiful.

Phyliss White, Diane Langeler and Debbie Clark did “wedding duty” in December. Thank you!

The 2015 Flower Chart has been posted on the door of the Flower Closet in the back hall. All are invited to sign up for a Sunday to donate flowers and place a dedication in the Sunday bulletin.

Finally, “THANK YOU” to all the many members of our Sanctuary Committee. Your time spent filling candles, lighting candles, decorating, coordinating weddings, lily and poinsettia sales, and all the many other tasks you perform for this committee. Your efforts are appreciated!


Sanctuary Committee Chairman

* * * * *

Thank you to everyone who has provided extra help the last few months with the Soup Kitchen. I really appreciate so many of you stepping forward and giving me the help I needed. You all did such a terrific job, and we were still able to provide the special meals for November and December! Thank you all so, so much for being there when I needed you and keeping the Soup Kitchen Mission going!

Sue Reddish

* * * * *

The members of the Young Adult Sunday School class would like to thank everyone who helped to fill stockings and dress bears so that the Salvation Army can bring Christmas joy to children in our community whose families cannot afford gifts. A total of 64 gifts of stockings and bears were prepared

* * * * *

Dear friends of Wico Pres,

Thank you so much for your prayers, cards & support during my recent cancer diagnosis and surgery. Thank you also for your support of Mom and Dad during this difficult time. It means so much to me to know that they have such a loving church family taking care of them!

Much love,

Chris & Lori Heson

* * * * *

Many thanks to everyone in the congregation for your prayers during my recent surgery.

Nevins Todd

* * * * *

To my WPC family,

Many thanks to all who left wonderful (and delicious) Christmas gifts and cards on my desk during the Christmas holiday. What wonderful surprises! You all are a blessing to me. Have a happy and healthy new year.


Church Triumphant

We extend our sympathies to Doris Huffington and family on the death of Harold S. “Huff” Huffington on December 19.  A memorial service was held on Monday, December 22.  Huff joined WPC in March, 1964, and had been an Elder since 1981.  He served as Clerk of Session for 30 years and was recognized by the congregation in Mary, 2012 for his service.

Blessed are those who are in the Lord.  They rest from their labors, and their good works follow them.

Looking Ahead

2/15 -- Annual meeting of Congregation, followed by lunch after worship

2/28 – 3/7 CESP (Community Emergency Shelter Program) being hosted by WPC


Karen Bennie 2

Wendy Spence 2

Betty Davidson 6

Barbara MacNamara 6

William Matyiko 6

Ajene Turnbull 8

Jenna Link 9

Pat Herman 12

Judith Ferrand 13

Barbara Phillips 19

Ronald Wainwright 20

Holden Fore 23

Vivian Eiker 27

Joshua Robinson 28

Douglas Fox 30

February Chatter

Deadline Is

Monday, January 26th






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Pastor: The Rev. Donald M. Rising, D. Min.;

Director of Music: Susan Zimmer

Administrative Assistant: Bravard Cornbrooks