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July 2015


JUL 05             10:00 AM Worship/Communion  

JUL 12             10:00 AM Worship  

JUL 19             10:00 AM     Worship  

JUL 26             10:00 AM     Worship   

AUG 02            10:00 AM Worship/Communion  

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AUG 30            10:00 AM Worship 

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Has your address changed? Please notify the Church Office.

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Soup Kitchen

JUNE 18, 2015  

#Served 86                  #Refills 52

Menu: Hot Dog on roll, mac & cheese, tossed salad, cake
Contributors: MD Food Bank, Deacons 

Helpers:  Chris Poole, Kirby Wells, Ann Wells, Jane Burt, Nan Curry, Debbie Clark, Sue Reddish 

Stories from the Basement

Help and Outreach Point of Entry, Inc. 

By Donna Clark RN, Director  

This has been a very busy month! As one volunteer opened for services this morning I was running late running to the bank and post office. Interviews were already in progress and the Insurance Navigator from Social Service was seeing clients. Suddenly I was approached by two volunteers who wanted me to help a client they had brought to the office. This lady has spent the last 15 years living in the woods and has remained away from society almost completely. Today she is terrified as she has found a lump that she is sure is cancer. The fact of her own immortality has hit hard and combined with the terrors that alcohol creates she is panicked. She was able to remain reasonably calm as the social worker entered her into the insurance system but was ready to go straight to the Emergency Department thinking that they would answer her questions and take care of all immediately. As we explained to her that she would be seen and they would agree she had a lump, refer her to a primary care doctor who would then send her to a specialist she began to fall apart. She was going to have to slow down and wait for care. We talked and prayed with her promising to do all we could to move the process along as quickly as possible. A call was placed to a Primary Care Provider and they will call back by Monday with an appointment date. We will have a Medical Assistance number by that time and she will begin to receive care. The point of this story is that the health insurance system has given people like her a chance to receive care quickly and in spite of her absence from society all of these years. Early treatment will save her life and save money to the taxpayers who help pay for the system. As you hear the negatives about the current health insurance program in our country please know it is saving the lives of the lost, the least and last of our community. Without it they would have no hope to receive the care that they needed. Please keep this person in your prayers.  

James 5: 13-18 


 On Monday, August 24th at 10:00 a.m. the coordinating Team will meet at the church.  We will be finalizing our 2015-2016 program  schedule.  Please plan to attend if you are a circle chairman, officer and/or a committee coordinator.   

Our fall dinner is scheduled for Wednesday, September 9th at 6:00 in Fellowship Hall.  This is an opportunity for all the current and future circle members to join together to start the new year.  The program will be an introduction to the new Bible study--"Come to the Waters".  The books will be available at the dinner so everyone will have the time to become familiar with the study before the circles meet separately in October.   

"Come to the Waters" uses stories of water in the Bible to teach us more about the nature of God.  Water has the power to affect our lives individually and in groups.  The Word of God has the power to affect our lives individually and in groups.  The two are woven together in this study to bring out Biblical themes and issues.   

Please join us as a new or continuing member as we learn about the potential this unique Bible study for 2015-2016.
Faithfully, Harriette M. Schmick Moderator




A reminder to everyone that the phone in the church office will not be answered between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. on Monday mornings.  Please either leave a message or call after 10:00 a.m.  Thank you! 

What Matters More Than Size 

I was struck by comments made by Patrick David Heery, editor of Presbyterians Today, in the June issue. He was speaking about small congregations, and we qualify. 

He said, “Being small should be the least of our worries. These are the questions that matter: Are we present in our community? Do we welcome newcomers? Do we have the courage to speak up, even when it’s unpopular? Do we help people become better disciples in their daily lives and grow in their faith? Is our worship passionate and collaborative? Do we inspire and challenge people to think and create in new ways? And most importantly: Do people feel loved here?” 

We will soon be entering the stage in our transition process where we will be asked as individuals and as a congregation to define, or redefine, our mission as a church. This is no small task, as it will be one of the determining factors in encouraging interested applicants to be our new pastor. Good applicants are more likely to be interested in going to churches that are active and involved with God’s work in their congregations and their communities. If we are a church that takes care of the questions Patrick Heery raised, size doesn’t matter.
Lee Hammond, Clerk of Session

Save These Dates!

The Mission/Support Council voted on 5/24/15 to respond to the financial needs of WPC by suspending any further funding of their 2015 Budget until the church returns to a more healthy position.  In return, they have pledged to generate funds by having “Fun Raisers” which will draw us closer as a community of caring individuals.  So grab your calendars and reserve the following dates:  

July 18th                   Tailgate Yard Sale Proceeds benefit WPC
August 15th              Dinner Benefits Soup Kitchen
September 19th        Book Sale Benefits WPC  
October 17th             Dinner  Benefits H.O.P.E.  
November 21st         Art Event  Benefits WPC 
Nicole Martin and her husband, Javier Pollock, will be chairing the kickoff event.  Ann Eelman, and her anonymous helper, will be chairing the Book Sale. 
The Art Event is a swirl of possibilities. Ideas welcomed.  A series of bus tours has been suggested to introduce us to the uniqueness of each of the Makemie Churches.  
Larry McCauley and Nancy Althaus will co-chair the Dinners.  Back by popular demand will be Kim Robinson’s famous jazzed up stew and Annie McCauley’s lip smacking, really good, apple pie.
Start boxing up your books.  You may drop them off in the Educational Room on the 1st floor, left.  Canvas your friends and neighbors for
their dusty tomes.  Paperbacks are welcomed, as well as books on tape and comic books. 
The same goes for your early basement and late attic items you no longer need!   

Tail-Gating Table-Bearing Extravaganza 
WHERE: WPC Parking Lot 
WHEN: July 18, 2015 
TIME:  Noon – 4:00 p.m.  

The idea is to either load up your car or load down a table with all of your unwanted treasures of the household and prepare to sell for the benefit of the church!  Other items such as produce, plants, flowers, pies, cookies, hamburgers, hot dogs can also be sold. 
If you have large items or cannot be present that day, please bring your goods to the church office during office hours of 9:00-2:00, M-F, or at the church services on Sundays.  

ALL of the proceeds will go to WPC Fund.
We will need volunteers to help with advertising (newspaper), set-up (marking prices, setting up tables, etc.), cashiers, making yard signs, and clean up.  There will be a volunteer sign-up sheet at the back entrance of the sanctuary.  
Any questions, please contact Nichole Martin (423-240-0257) or Javier Pollock (443-366- 1441). 

Notes of Thanks

The Risings wish to thank all of you for your kindness, gifts, cards, notes and words of affirmation in these last weeks. The Farewell Reception was wonderful! Thanks to everyone who came and to the Congregational Council for the delicious food! It was a wonderful afternoon, and we continue to bask in the glow of your affection. We will be praying for each of you and for the church. It has been a blessing to serve with you in these last 8 years. May God bless and direct you.
Don and Lynn Rising  

* * * * * *  

THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  Anne Hayman made a set of aprons for us to keep in the LMB kitchen!  We really appreciate it, and it will be so nice to have them when we need them.  Thank you, Anne, for giving of your time and talent to help us out!  

Sue Reddish   
* * * * * *  

Dear WPC Members,  
Thank you so much for allowing us the use of LMB for the dinner on the final day of Vacation Bible School this year.  We had a wonderful week of learning and fun for about 95 children and youth.  
The children learned about how God moves and acts in their lives and how they can care for and share with one another.  Also, 14 meals were collected for Salisbury Urban Ministries, and 211 children will be fed in the Congo for 211 days.  Thanks be to God!  

John Crapster 

July 8 – Red Roost gathering 
July 18 – Tailgate Yard Sale 
July 19 – Munch-n-Mingle 
August 15 – Dinner to benefit Soup Kitchen 
August 19 – Red Roost gathering

Hannah Ashcraft                                    1 
Adam Bartoshesky                                 1 
Pat Malone                                             3 
Robert Allen                                            6 
Clark Mitchell                                          7 
Kateryna Mogan                                     8 
Dorothy Mehalick                                    9 
Lynn Rising                                           10 
Theresa Brown                                      17 
Kim Robinson                                        17 
Chris Poole                                            18 
Nichole Martin                                        21 
Mary Belle White                                    21 
Harrison Langeler                                  22 
Jane Fox                                                28 
Meredith Jennings                                 30 

Lea Reichert                                            2 
Joanne Todd                                           4 
Licia Gliptis                                              5 
John Brittingham                                     6 
Rondell Redding                                      7 
Dae Kim                                                 10 
Norma Cotter                                         11 
Dwight Smiley                                        11 
Betsy Wells                                            12 
Carol Cuppett                                         13 
Carlene Grant-Williams                          15 
Elaine Hammond                                    16 
Elizabeth Evans                                      19 
James Gregory                                       23 
Alda Mae Owens                                    23 
Clytie Taylor                                           25 
James Farley                                         26 
Sydney Matyiko                                     26 
Winston Sibert                                       27 
Catherine Stuart                                    28 
Robin Long                                            29 
Michelle Wainwright                              29 
Ken Willis                                              29 
Sara Martin                                           30 





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