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September 2015


SEP 13 -- 9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Worship/Communion

SEP 20 -- 9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Worship

SEP 27 -- 9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Worship

Has your email address changed? Please notify the Church Office.

Has your address changed? Please notify the Church Office.

Have you acquired a new cell phone or changed your phone number? Please notify the Church Office.

Sundays at Wicomico 

Thank you for welcoming us to the pulpit these past Sunday mornings. In September, the schedule is: 

6th – Gary Baer at 10:00 AM 

13th – Charles Gilmore at 11:00 AM with Communion 

20th – Kerry Shull 

27th – Gary Baer 

Thanks to all who participated in the July and August Q and A’s with Gary (Session Moderator) and Susan Baer (Committee on Ministry Liasion). 

The Cohort remains available for educational events and pastoral care. 

The peace of Christ be with us all. 

The Wicomico Cohort and COM Liason 


Attention Choir Members
Chancel Choir will sing in 11:00 worship on
Sunday, September 13, with a 10:30 rehearsal.
Thursday night rehearsals resume on September 17 
for Tintinnabulators at 6:30 
and Chancel Choir at 7:45.

Children’s Saturday activities resume September
12, with gathering at 9:30, music at 10:00, and
Girl Scouts at 11:00.

WANTED: Tintinnabulators
We are in need of at least two more handbell
ringers in our teen/adult choir. If you read music
and can attend Thursday night rehearsals at
6:30, come in and give us a try! Prior handbell
ringing experience is not required 
– we will teach you!


Soup Kitchen

JULY 16, 2015 

#Served 117                  #Refills 32

Menu: Hot Dog on roll, mac and cheese, tossed salad, cake

Contributors: MD Food Bank, Deacons, Anne Hayman, 

Angela Duffield, Norma Cotter, Sue Reddish, Pat Kosinski

Helpers: Nevins Todd, George White, Diane Langeler, Sylvia Langeler, Connie Wigglesworth,
Betty Zerr; Sue Reddish and Denny Mogan cooked.

Soup Kitchen

AUGUST 20, 2015 

#Served 114                  #Refills 40

Menu: Hot dog/roll, mac and cheese, tossed salad, cake

Contributors: MD Food Bank, Deacons, Mona Farley, Nan Curry, Sue Reddish

Helpers: Denny Mogan, Pete Kosinski, Norma Cotter, Connie Wigglesworth, Ellen Spence, 
Sue Reddish, Chris Poole

Stories from the Basement

Help and Outreach Point of Entry, Inc. 

By Donna Clark RN, Director  

One of our homeless clients, who was recently housed, just left the office smiling and feeling very proud of himself. He has managed to keep all of his doctor’s appointments and counseling appointments for the last month and followed up on all of the tasks assigned to him.

To you and I that is not a big deal, but for someone who is mentally challenged, this accomplishment is really something to be celebrated. He has been our client with us for many years, and we have seen him go from living in a tent in the woods, wandering the streets lost and confused, to being housed and able to manage his life fairly well. His success is based on several things: maintaining his mental and physical healthcare, working with case managers through Wicomico County Health Department and H.O.P.E., Inc., and his commitment to keeping his life under control.

He is able to go fishing and find peace during the day when he doesn’t have other appointments. Over the years he has trusted us enough to seek help when his schizophrenia spirals out of control by coming to the office looking for our help and reassurance. We have provided hope to this man; hope that life will get better and that he is in control, not the voices in his head. We have made sure that love has surrounded him as he struggled to hold onto reality and was panicking about his world.

The support that our agency has given him has made the difference in his life between constant incarcerations and a life full of independence and happiness.

Thank you God for the chance to show Your love to the marginalized in our community.

Please read Matthew 22:34-40. 


Mission & Deacon Outreach

Feel-Good Opportunities!

Aug./Sept. Deacon’s “Back to School Supplies” project

Sept. 9th Peace & Global Witness: 3rd/4 special PCUSA offerings

Sept. 27th-Oct. 4th “Undy Sunday” to benefit Chipman School children

Oct. 11th-Nov. 8th “Shoe Box Christmas” – Only 25 to fill this year

Nov. 29th Christmas Joy: 4th/4 special PCUSA offerings

Nov./Dec.* The ever adorable “Dress the Bears” & “Fill the Christmas Stockings

*Stay tuned for these specific dates. Get out your calendars now and log in the other above dates!

FUN Raiser Notes

Thank you to all who attended the FUN Raiser on Saturday August 15th. Even though it was summer, the stew was consumed with gusto and the made-from-scratch crust and all, apple pie a la mode was declared lip smacking good.

The event raised $535 for Sue Reddish’s Soup Kitchen.

A big thank you with a standing ovation goes out to the Robinson family, the McCauley family, the Link family, Sue Reddish, Carole Sipe, Debbie Clark, Ann Eelman, Ann Hayman, Pat Kosinski, Nellie Abbott, Nancy Althaus, and Sylvia Langeler.

The next dinner will be on Saturday, October 17th. Be sure to put the date on your calendar. Round up your friends. The menu will be the same. The price will be the same. But this time it will be open to the public with pre-sold tickets. We will need all hands on deck to insure its continued success. The proceeds from this dinner will benefit Donna Clarke and H.O.P.E.

But for the grace of God go we. Our mission is to give as we have been so blessed to have received. 

Room to Grow Our Church

Organized by the Reverend Francis Makemie in what was then part of Somerset County, Maryland, our congregation of faith has been in existence for well over three hundred years serving God and our community.

The goal of the Langeler Memorial Building is to continue this tradition by providing affordable office space to nonprofit and community service organizations that encourage and provide services to the members of the community. Our ultimate goal is that the upper floors, as well as Makemie Hall, will be integrated as needed into our ministry and the Christian educational programs of the Church.

Over the past fifteen years through the efforts of members of our congregation, the generous bequest of Ruth Twilley Langeler and subsequently the gifts of Harrison and Sylvia Langeler and their family, the former Fellowship Hall located at 225 N. Division Street was acquired and has been lovingly restored to serve as an annex of our historic church and a key component of the Wicomico Church campus that has evolved through numerous acquisitions by the Presbyterian Properties corporation since 1968.

As the remodeling of the Langeler Memorial Building has progressed, some of the potential of the annex is already being realized. Sue Reddish’s committee has been operating the monthly soup kitchen out of its modern, commercial kitchen facilities. Renamed “Makemie Hall” has been utilized for numerous musical concerts, including a recent hand bell event with St. Peters Episcopal Church, and it has been host to church dinners, wedding receptions, Makemie Men’s Breakfast and Presbytery meetings, the Community Emergency Shelter, and Habitat crew housing. With a one way entrance of Makemie Place off Broad Street and a new handicapped and loading area on the north side of the building, a convenient entrance is provided. Completion of the second floor improvements and an elevator tower for the upper floors will facilitate access to all levels.

Please take the opportunity to tour the building to view the progress. Imagine the possibilities, as we grow our faith in the fellowship of Christ.

Submitted by LMB Committee 


Missionaries On-Campus at WPC

Have you noticed the signs leaving our parking lot advising you: “You are now entering your mission field”? Did you know opportunities abound to complete a variety of missions on-campus? Consider the Soup Kitchen, Sunday School Teachers, Community Emergency Shelter Volunteers, Deacons, Elders, Trustees, Treasurer, Choir, Money Counters, LMB Committee and various duties where volunteers or goods are needed. Thankfully, the tradition at our church is to answer the call.

Today, we issue an expanded call. One tough decision our Session has made is to eliminate the paid, part-time childcare worker for a trial period beginning the 2nd Sunday in September. We hope this small change will free up additional funds for mission donations and help meet upcoming expenses.

YOU can help make this change a success! First, your Session requests that nursery services be limited to infants through pre-school aged children. Kindergarten and older students should remain in the sanctuary during church. Next, we are seeking at least 12 disciples to help staff the nursery in two person, rotating teams for the one hour of church. Jesus started with 12 apostles and the number grew. (Can we grow our numbers, too?) Finally, beginning the first week in October, we will provide a variety of activities/ideas to help make the hour fly by. Volunteers will have the freedom to choose those activities best fitting their skills and the interest of the children.

We are grateful for Alicia Carter and her service to the little ones at WPC, as well as the nursery volunteers who supported this mission. The more volunteers we find, the fewer Sundays any person will serve. Perhaps, you have a friend with whom to share a Sunday? If you are interested in helping with this mission, please contact Ginny or Denny Mogan or leave a note in the collection plate.

More information is available in the Lobby.

God bless you for your support! 


Come to Presbyterian Women’s Fall Dinner on Wednesday, September 9th,, at 6:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall and “Come to the Waters”.

All the women of the church are invited to join us at our welcome back dinner to start off our regular schedule for the year.

We will spend our time together by sharing a dinner and previewing the Bible Study for 2015- 2016. Our Circle meetings will resume in October on their appointed days and times.


Harriette M. Schmick





Interim Update

This is like waiting for the birth of the Christ child. Has He arrived yet?

Well, progress IS being made. The Interim Search Committee and the Chair Person of the Human Resources Committee are negotiating to have an Interim Minister in place by October 1st.

Our lips are sealed until all obligations and expectations are agreed to in writing by both entities, and the Session has voted to hire this person. We will forgive you for asking, if you forgive us for not sharing the name until all is done. However, we would appreciate your prayers and intercessions as we work to discern God’s will. 

Save These Dates!

The Mission/Support Council voted on 5/24/15 to respond to the financial needs of WPC by suspending any further funding of their 2015 Budget until the church returns to a more healthy position. In return, they have pledged to generate funds by having “Fun Raisers” which will draw us closer as a community of caring individuals. Those of us who have been members for over 30 years can share stories with the “newbies” on how successful those events were. So grab your calendars and reserve the following dates: 

September 19th Book Sale

Proceeds benefit WPC

October 3rd Tailgate Yard Sale

Proceeds benefit WPC

October 17th Dinner

Proceeds benefit H.O.P.E.

November 21st Art Event

Proceeds benefit WPC

Anne Eelman, and her anonymous helper, are co- chairing the Book Sale.

Nicole Martin and her husband, Javier Pollock, will be chairing the Yard Sale event. Lori Bratten, Annie McCauley and others have volunteered to make this a success.

The Art Event is a swirl of possibilities. Ideas welcomed. A series of bus tours has been suggested to introduce us to the uniqueness of each of the Makemie Churches.

Larry McCauley and Nancy Althaus will co-chair the Dinners. Back by popular demand will be Kim Robinson’s famous jazzed up stew and Annie McCauley’s lip smacking, really good, apple pie. The plate also includes corn bread, homemade cole slaw, & a side of ice cream. 








Proceeds benefit WPC’s 2015 budget.

This is a great opportunity to practice tithing

by giving us 10% or more of your books!

Can’t bring them in? We’ll pick them up.

Call Nancy @ 410-726-6080

Otherwise, drop them off @ church

M - F between 9 & 2


before or after service on Sundays

The big book sale is Sat., Sept. 19th in Fellowship Hall 

Notes of Thanks

On behalf of the Soup Kitchen Teams, I would like to thank the Mission Committee and all those who helped prepare and serve the food for the Fund Raiser Dinner to benefit the Soup Kitchen. Also everyone who came to the dinner and everyone who made a monetary donation. We really appreciate all your efforts in supporting the Soup Kitchen Mission. Thank you!

Sue Reddish

* * * * *

Many musicians shared their talents during worship with us during the summer while the Chancel Choir was on vacation: Vocalists John Allen, Debra Clark, Ellie Sheppard, Carole Sipe, Sarah Swain, William Willis, and The Summer Choir; and instrumentalists John Allen, Lee Knier, and Chris Miles. Thank you for your generosity!

Susan Zimmer

* * * * * 

The Deacons want to thank everybody who brought school supplies for Chipman. They were thrilled with all of the backpacks and things that you provided.

On August 24, the following supplies were delivered to Chipman: 21 full backpacks (6 pre-K, 6 K, 9 grade 1); additional supplies: 41 boxes of tissue, 26 boxes of crayons, 20 composition books, 145 glue sticks, 3 boxes Ziploc bags. The rough estimate of the monetary value of all supplies is $1,030!!

Martha Swain 

October 3rd Tailgate Yard Sale

Proceeds benefit WPC

October 17th Dinner

Proceeds benefit H.O.P.E.

November 21st Art Event

Proceeds benefit WPC 



Sara Shearer 2

Mary Wycall 3

Carol Montgomery 11

Lucy Matyiko 12

Jon Shearer 13

Debbie Poole 15

Paige Gregory 16

Nevins Todd 17

Doris Huffington 21

Connie Wigglesworth 22

Cecelia Dennis 23

Larry Brown 24

Patsy Mitchell 28                 






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