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July/August 2014

Apologies - The web version usually found here is running a little late. The pdf version and calendar links above are current. I'll have this page updated in the next day or two (hopefully). I'll leave the June Chatter here until then (just as a place setter).

June 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

When we are children, birthdays are special. We can’t wait to celebrate our birthday. The celebration might include gifts, cake, candles, ice cream, parties and friends. It’s exciting to be another year older, to be able to have a little more freedom and do more things. But at some point, we prefer to forget birthdays. We don’t want to think of getting older, being less able to do things, experiencing more aches and pains.

Pentecost is the birthday of the Church and we never tire of celebrating that birthday! It is a day of excitement and enthusiasm, of the activity of the Spirit. We celebrate by wearing red and coming to our Lord’s Table. And this year, we will come forward to the Table. Since it is also the day of our annual picnic, it seemed advisable to simplify the preparation and clean-up. Those unable to come forward may remain in their seat and the elements will be brought to them.

We live in hectic and challenging times. It is a time of transition for the church. And that confusion and change is uncomfortable for many of us. People on the Day of Pentecost must have had similar feelings. Jesus had been crucified. Jesus was resurrected and seen by many. Before Jesus ascended, he charged the disciples to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” But they didn’t know how to make that happen and were spinning their wheels.

The Spirit came upon them on the Day of Pentecost. The Spirit equipped them for ministry; the Spirit empowered them to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission. And that day, 3,000 people responded by being baptized. The Church was on its way! Disciples who had cowered in fear for their lives now bravely proclaimed the Word at the risk of their lives.

The Spirit is at work in our world. Great things are happening. The Spirit is at work in our church. Welcome the Spirit into your life and be open to the new winds blowing. Celebrate this birthday. Join us on June 8th. Wear RED. Feast at the Lord’s Table. Stay for our picnic. It will be a great party!

In Christ,

Don Rising


JUNE 1 -- 10:00 AM Worship

JUNE 8 -- 10:00 AM Worship/Communion - Annual picnic

JUNE 15 -- 10:00 AM Worship

JUNE 22 -- 10:00 AM Worship

JUNE 29 -- 10:00 AM Worship

Has your email address changed? Please notify the Church Office.

Has your address changed? Please notify the Church Office.

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Pentecost Offering

The Pentecost Offering is one of the four Special Offerings of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). When you give to the Pentecost Offering, you reach out to young people in the name of Jesus Christ. Through the unifying, empowering presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, the Pentecost Offering provides a tangible way to bring God's transforming love to children at risk, guide and nurture the faith of young people, and call forth a new generation of church leadership.

Forty percent (40%) of the Offering stays within our own congregation to support local ministries that help children at risk. This year the Session will designate WPC's portion for support of a mission at a later time. The remainder is sent to the Presbyterian Mission Agency to support other programs that help youth and young adults and advocate for children at risk. WPC will collect and dedicate this special offering on Pentecost Sunday, June 8th, during the morning worship hour.

We extend our best wishes and congratula-tions to the Rev. David Shearer! David, a son of our congregation, was ordained to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament on Sunday, May 25, 2014 at a service at the Bethel Presbyterian Church (where he is currently serving) by Shenandoah Presbytery. Several of our members made the trip to support David. Our church presented him with a Pastoral Record Book, a $50 gift certificate to a Christian book store, and a Waterman writing instrument through Marie Carter in the service.



Red Roost

Are you ready for the Red Roost? We are planning to make a visit to on Wednesday June 11th. We will meet there at 6:00 PM. There will be singing along with Backfin Banjo Band and good company. If you can join us, let Jane Burt know by June 6th by calling 410-742-4214 or

Makemie Men’s Breakfast

The annual Men’s Makemie Worship & Breakfast was held on Sunday, May 4th, at Beaver Dam Presbyterian Church in Pocomoke.

Attending from our congregation were Dr. Rising, John Crapster, Lee Hammond, Tom Hayman, Nelson Malone, Denny Mogan, and Nevins Todd. The inspirational service, delicious breakfast and fellowship were appreciated by all.



MAY 15, 2014

# Served 105          # Refills 12

Menu: Turkey, rice and vegetable casserole, applesauce, rolls, cake

 Contributors: MD Food Bank, Deacons, Anne Hayman, Sylvia Langeler, Ginny Mogan, Connie Wigglesworth

Helpers: Lee Hammond, Nevins Todd, Denny Mogan, Connie Wigglesworth, Nan Curry, Ellen Spence, Lisa Dashiell; Sue Reddish, Mary Barlow, Dody Conaway, and Debbie Clark cooked.

Presbyterian Women in WPC

Three tables of Presbyterian women gathered for a spring dinner and end-of-the-year Bible study last month. We explored the second fruit of the Spirit – Joy – by finding relevant passages in Luke 24, 1 Peter 1, James 1, and John 15.

A brief preview of next year’s Bible study was also presented. It is titled “Reconciling Paul – a Contemporary Study of 2 Corinthians”. We will have as our focus generosity, grace, forgiveness, living by faith, the image of God, development, peacemaking and reconciliation. All of these are explored through Paul’s letters as a response to these themes in his time in history. We will look at Paul’s theology and ideas and relate them to our present times.

Stories from the Basement

Help and Outreach Point of Entry, Inc.


Donna Clark RN, Director

It’s a rainy day and really too wet for anyone to go out in the weather. Our office has been slow today but some have braved the weather to get assistance. We are blessed to be able to provide a place for the homeless to get out of the weather. It’s sometimes hard to close the doors at the end of hours when all they ask of us is a dry warm place to sit. Of course the food helps make their stay pleasant.

Today we saw a lady who had a list of medica-tions as long as your arm. She was still waiting to hear from the state on her medical assist-ance number and had no coverage for her medications. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of other social assistance agencies her needs were met.

Our agency is successful due completely to the efforts of our volunteers and of course donors. Volunteer talents come in a variety of ways and have many faces. One lady prepares a meal for Fridays so we can feed the hungry. Another person collects clothing and allows us to clothe those in need. The office staff provides love and guidance to anyone who walks through the door. Others pray for us and those we serve. There are the people who are available on a moment’s notice to notarize paperwork, provide emergency transportation to doctor’s appointment, or to run an errand for us. We have guidance through our Board of Directors for business questions and decisions affecting the future of the agency.

Recently, on a day that the regular staff was out doing various activities, we had two people to serve those in need. The line of clients was growing rapidly to sign in for services and out of nowhere a young woman walked in and asked to volunteer. She had resume in hand and had excellent previous experience working with clientele similar to those we serve. She stepped up to the challenge of working in an office she had never been in, using forms she had never seen before and provided love and compassion to the marginalized people who entered our office that day.

Volunteers are the perfect example of I Corinthians, 12. Thank you Lord for those you send to serve.

Pittsburgh Project

UPDATE:  In case you haven't heard, the Pittsburgh Team is working happily to raise funding for their Mission Trip.  Thanks to all of you who bought subs. Now we need you to hire them to complete all those projects around the house that pose a challenge for you. Be it in the yard or in the attic, it's Rent-A-Kid to the rescue!

Quarterly payments of $4,175 have been sent to those organizations or people who receive funding from WPC.  10% of your giving to the church is committed to Mission.  The Commit-tee distributes it to Local, Presbytery, Synod and World needs.  For example, Dr. James Peipon received $250 towards his work in Ukraine.  Go online and Google him.  I follow his Twitter Account since I'm not on Facebook.  Very interesting reading! From the Contingency Fund, $1,000 went to PCUSA Disaster Relief Fund tor assistance in Syria. As you can see, it takes a whole church to be committed to doing God's work in order to bring about change in this world. 

I pray that the spirit of God will fill your soul with a generous spirit so that WPC may give hope to those less fortunate. 

Nancy Althaus

Chair of Mission Support


Volunteers are needed to provide special music June 1 – August 31 while the Chancel Choir is on vacation. Please talk to Susan Zimmer if you are interested.

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

We have completed another successful season of singing choirs, handbell choir and organ music for worship. We continually receive compliments on our musical offerings and our fine instruments and acoustics, both from worship attendees and from performers and audiences from other groups that enjoy our facilities.

There are many processes behind the scenes that are necessary to support our music ministry. Most of them require financial resources. Unfortunately I must inform you today that our music program is almost out of money. Here are the details: for four years the music/choir fund has not been budgeted. This was because we needed to cut expenses church-wide and also because there was money available in two other accounts: memorial contributions designated for music, and other contributions designated for music. Both accounts are now running low.

In addition to supplies and regular mainten-ance of instruments, we need extra repairs immediately on our bass handbells, which have become unplayable due to normal aging and wear-and-tear; and the Steinway grand piano in the sanctuary, which was adversely affected by prolonged extreme cold—actually, the need for extensive heating--this past winter.

To put the problem into perspective, at the present time, performing any TWO of the following actions would consume the remaining music funds from both sources:

  • Register for one Ocean City Handbell Festival

  • Hire the Salisbury Brass for one service

  • Tune the organ and pianos one time (required twice per year)

  • Ship and completely refurbish half of our bass handbells

In addition to these large expenses, most of which are recurring, there are many smaller purchases needed to keep our choirs going, such as music and instruments for the children, music, gloves, binders and mallets for the handbell choir, and music, robe repairs and cleaning for the chancel choir. I assure you that I have been as frugal as possible with music funds, and I feel that further cuts are impossible without eliminating some choir activities or possibly an entire choir. For example, I am planning to disassemble the bass bells and send only the inner works to be replaced and repaired rather than shipping our biggest bronze castings. This means that the bells will not be tuned or polished, just patched. As I mentioned before, the cost of repairs to the bass handbells and the piano are not even known yet. In another attempt to save money, I have purchased almost no new music for the Chancel Choir this year. A single anthem costs $30.00 to $40.00.

Memorial gifts of instruments and equipment including pianos, handbells, two sets of hymnals, choir robes and choir folders have saved large amounts of money for our music ministry through the years. We are also blessed with such talented singers in the Chancel Choir that we do not need to hire soloists or section leaders as do many churches.

I am aware that our shrinking congregation, a weak economy, and the need for individuals and families to do more with less, or at least do the same with less buying power, are all negatively affecting our church’s finances. No one’s expenses are going down, neither in our church nor in our households. Therefore I realize that some of you will not be able to respond to this appeal. However, if you are willing and able to contribute anything at all towards music program expenses through the end of 2014, please bring or send your donations payable to Wicomico Presbyterian Church and put either “designated music fund” or “memorial music fund” in the memo line.

Thank you for your attention, your prayers and all the ways you have supported my music direction since 1989!

With best wishes,

Susan Zimmer, Director of Music  




2nd Sunday Circle

The final meeting of this year’s 2nd Sunday Circle will be held Sunday, June 8th, at 9 AM!! Join us, attend the 10 AM service, and stay for our annual church picnic!

Cemetery Wall

We are currently awaiting shipment of the “Napoleon cap” bricks and iron work. Hopefully, we will see completion in June.

Property Council

Worship Service Information

Our worship schedule changes to the summer worship time on June 1. Sunday School classes take a break and do not meet. Worship begins at 10 AM.

Pentecost is celebrated on Sunday, June 8, with the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. Please wear RED. Following worship we will hold our Annual Church Picnic. SAVE THAT DATE!

June 8th 

We will be commissioning the members of the Pittsburgh Project Team.

June 15th 

We will be recognizing our Sunday School teachers and all of our graduates.


Congratulations to our graduates:

Holly Hatton (Ed.D in Educational Policy and Leadership from George Washington University)

Alex Mitchell (James M. Bennett High School)

Susan Zimmer (Master of Music Education degree from Boston University)


Ken Herman 1

Steve Barlow 2

Bravard Cornbrooks 4

Cale Ashcraft 8

Carrie Fore 9

Joan Dickson 12

Blaire Langeler 13

Bob Taylor 14

Harold Huffington 16

Bruce Callaway 17

Joshua Gliptis 17

John Rankin 19

Taber Bartoshesky 20

Rebecca Bartoshesky 21

Rebecca Mitchell 21

Jackie Smith 21

Jocelyn Jemison 25

Lenore Gregory 26

Pamela Gregory 26

Raymond Miller 26

Mary Barlow 27

Marvin Phillips 28

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