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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

A well-known man in a small town in Scotland suffered from a painful nasal condition. Dr. Adams of Lanarkshire, an ear, nose and throat specialist, operated on the man, giving him great relief. The patient was so helped that he sat down and, after paying the doctor’s fee, wrote him a letter of thanks. In a day or two, the healed man received a reply from the surgeon saying he was going to keep the letter among his prized papers, as it was the first letter of thanks he had ever received. 

Most of us, I think, are pretty good about thanking God for the blessings in our lives, be it successful surgery, a graduation, the birth of a grandchild, a wedding or the life of a loved one who has died. God often receives our gratitude for everyday blessings such as food to eat, clean water, a beautiful, sunny day, the joy of friendship—the list goes on and on. How often, however, do we effectively express our thanks to the people in our lives who are the agents of God’s blessing? I cannot count the number of times I have meant to send a card or make a call to thank someone for a kindness or a job well done on my behalf, but let the thoughtful gesture go unaccomplished, even though I know from being on the receiving end, how appreciated and motivating such acts can be.

I have thanked God many times over for bringing you, the Wicomico Congregation and me, your Interim Pastor, together. Let me take this opportunity to thank each of you for welcoming me so graciously into your church family. The church staff, session, deacons, various groups and individual church members have all been warm and generous, and I thank you all for your many kindnesses.

This holiday season, after we’ve thanked God for all we have been given, let’s take a moment to thank the human agent through whom God worked. Such action will bring joy to you both.

A Most Blessed Thanksgiving to You and Yours,

In Christ’s Service, 

Pastor Dianne 


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Has your email address changed? 

Has your address changed? 

Have you acquired a new cell phone or changed your phone number? 

Please notify the Church Office.


Soup Kitchen

OCTOBER 15, 2015 

#Served 98                  #Refills 18

Menu: Chicken, rice & vegetable casserole, applesauce, rolls, cake

Contributors: MD Food Bank, Deacons, Karen Bennie, Mona Farley, Nan Curry, Phyliss White

Helpers: Nevins Todd, George White, Connie Wigglesworth, Nan Curry, Sue Reddish; Doris Huffington, Karen Bennie, Mona Farley, and Sue Reddish all cooked

It's time to prepare for our first Soup Kitchen Holiday Meal. We will serve a Thanksgiving Meal on Nov. 19th and will need your help to provide pies for our dessert.  We have someone who has generously offered to provide all the sweet potato pies needed, so I'm asking the conngre-gation to provide either apple, blueberry, cherry, pecan or pumpkin pies.

If you can help us out with this mission, please fill out the slip below and drop in the collection plate, mail to the church office, or hand it to me on Sunday.

We need the pies on either Tuesday, Nov. 17th or Wednesday, Nov. 18th.  We don't have freezer space to take them earlier this year.  I will send out another flier when it is time to get ready for our December Holiday Meal.


Be looking for sign-up forms in future bulletins and in the hallway.

Thank you so much for your help with this.

Sue Reddish   

Stories from the Basement

Help and Outreach Point of Entry, Inc.


Donna Clark RN, Director

The sermon yesterday was on servanthood. Today I walked into the office to a room full of people all asking for help. I had not even put my computer down on my desk when I had someone pulling at my sleeve asking for something. I often wonder how Jesus dealt with the crowds of people asking for healing and help. In the midst of controlled chaos today, I found myself looking to the ceiling asking for patience and gentleness. It didn’t work as I soon found myself telling a woman to leave because she was being loud, rude, and entitled. The clients who came into our office after she left said she was out of line and deserved to be kicked out for her behavior. To maintain an attitude of servanthood a person needs to work hard to be humble, patient and kind. Dealing with clientele who sometimes believe they are entitled to everything can cause you to feel that you are being taken advantage of and then the humility, patience and kindness go out the window.

Did Jesus ever get angry with those he served? Did he ever feel that the people were pulling at Him from all directions and draining all of His energy?

Mark 10:35-45 talks about serving those around us, to be humble and place yourself last. Walking the Christian walk can be challenging and because we are not as perfect as Jesus, we don’t always measure up to His standards. Fortunately, Jesus understands and allows us to continue to be part of His kingdom in spite of our short comings. Thank you God for loving us.

Donna Clark RN, Director

Help and Outreach Point of Entry, Inc

 Helping People Open Doors to New Opportunities

Christmas Shoebox Project

is underway!

Shoe boxes are available for pickup in the back entry area. A shopping list has been included inside the box to help you get started. Do not wrap your box; just secure it with cord or ribbon. Then tape a note under the band stating the content’s age range and gender. The boxes should be turned in by November 9th. They may be left on the far bookcase by the window in the Education Room.

This project is being chaired by Lisa and Jenna Link. Please sign your name on the mega post-it note when you take a box. When you bring the box back, please log in the return date. This will help Lisa and Jenna keep track of things.

Teddy Bears and

Christmas Stockings

If this doesn’t put you in the holiday spirit, I don’t know what will! Tim and Andrew Carter, Chairmen, double dare you to walk on by the crib in the back entry area after November 10th and not pick up one of the bears.They are so soft, cute and cuddly! Take one home and have fun deciding how to dress up the bear!

The Salvation Army also has provided the Christmas stockings. Be sure to pick up the Santa fold over card. It helps to keep the stocking contents contained. Just pull the string through the perforated holes and snug it down.

Both the bears stockings are due back by December 10thProp them around the crib so all can see! Again, there will be a giant post-it note next to the crib for log out and log in. 

Peace and Global Witness


Help bring the peace of Christ to communities of conflict.

(The following is taken from the Bulletin Insert provided by the PC (USA))

In too many places around the world, peace is merely a hope.  Conflicts between nations, peoples, and ideas put peace at risk every-where.  During the Season of Peace, we recognize that too many people live in situations that are both unsettled and unjust.

Your gift to the Peace & Global Awareness Offering works to address these deep-seated problems by supporting efforts to inspire, equip, and connect Presbyterians engaging in ministries of reconciliation and peace around the world.  Through missions, work projects, and education, we witness to the peace of Christ for our sisters and brothers as they face some of the greatest challenges of our time.


     500 million people live in countries at risk of instability and conflict.

     5% of the world’s population lives in countries with a high level of peace.

     Global peace has been declining over the past 5+ years.

     Today, fewer conflicts are between countries, while internal conflicts are growing.

     The cost of global violence: $9.3 trillion (11.3% of global GDP


     20.9 million people are trapped in forced labor. That’s 3/1,000 people in the world.

     55% are women and girls; over ¼ of the victims are children.


  • 1.3 million people are killed each year by violence.  Conflict and violence are on the rise in 48 countries.

     Up to 70% of women will experience violence in their lifetime.

     1 in 3 women have been the victim of violence at the hands of an intimate partner.

     20% of women and 5-10% of men report experiencing sexual violence as children.

     1 in 4 children have been physically abused.

Today, the PC (USA) is actively engaged in peace making and reconciliation in more than 50 countries.” With our help, their reach can be extended.

60% of the funds raised will be sent to PC (USA) and the remaining 40% will stay locally.  The Mission Committee is considering prayerfully the recipient of your gift.  There are many local nonprofits deserving of support. 

Contributions will be received on October 4th; however, if you are unable to be in church on the 4th, you may drop off you gift to the church office or mail it in.  Be sure to identify P. & G. A. in the bottom left line of your check.

A total of $390 was collected. Seventy-five percent (75%) or $292.50 will go to PCUSA. Twenty-five percent (25%) or $97.50 will stay locally. The Mission Committee voted to recognize the Christian Shelter with this gift in support of the help the Shelter provides to women and children who suffer from domestic violence and abuse.


Choir Notes

Our children's choir will be performing in concert with the Salisbury University Chorales, accompanied by orchestra, on Saturday, December 5 at 7:30 in Holloway Hall on the Salisbury University campus. Dr. William Folger will conduct, Susan Zimmer will play the organ, and WPC choir members John Allen and Patti Mannion will sing in the chorus. Tickets are required and are now available at the University.

Choir Sunday will be celebrated on December 13 during 11:00 worship with special music by the Chancel Choir, the Tintinnabulators and the Salisbury Brass. 

Please join us and support our choirs!



Wednesday Alive Wishes You

A Happy Thanksgiving!

Come join us on Wednesday, November 4th at 6:00 p.m. for a good old fashioned feast and time of sharing. Bring a dish of your favorite Thanksgiving food -- turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, pie -- and don't forget the cranberries! After dinner we will share our favorite Thanks-giving memories and stories.  Sounds like fun, so -- we’ll see you there !


This month marks our annual Thank Offering Worship Service and Fellowship Reception on Sunday, November 8th. The scripture for this year is Phillippians 2:13, “…for it is God who is at work in you, enabling you both to will and to work for [God’s] good pleasure.”

Thirty-two life-changing projects have been chosen for grants this year, totaling over $700,000. Twenty-two minister to needy people in the U.S., and ten are international. Forty percent focus on health service.

Presbyterian Women pray and study the Bible, support mission, work for justice and peace, and build an inclusive community of women. One hundred and twenty-seven years ago this project was started as a “thank offering to the Lord.”

Please join us in this special offering by using the blue envelopes provided or by marking the memo line as being for PW’s Thank Offering.


Harriette M. Schmick




Fall Cleanup

Fall Clean-up will be held on Saturday, December 5, beginning at 8:00 a.m. 

Please come, and bring your rake!

Fundraiser Update

On October 17th, 76 supporters came together at LMB to support Donna Clark and her mission project HOPE.  The fund raiser dinner of Saturday Night Stew and Homemade Apple Pie were a big success.  We appreciate everyone's prayers, and contribution to a successful evening.  The event resulted in over $1000 profit to help HOPE achieve its goals.  The team effort exceeded expectations, and for that we would like say Thank You to everyone.


Congregational Meeting has been called for November 15th after our Sunday Service.  The Nomination Committee will be providing slate of candidates for Session, Deacons and Memorial Endowment Committee.  Please attend this meeting to elect the future leaders of our church.

Christmas is Coming – Order Poinsettias NOW!!

Who can believe we are already thinking Christmas!

We are! The Sanctuary Committee will be holding their Poinsettia sale again this year beginning November 1, 2015, and the final deadline for orders will be Sunday, November 22, 2015. An order blank is inserted in this issue of The Chatter, in weekly bulletins, and in the back lobby of the church. Our supplier for the third year will be Johnson Seed and Feed, and the flowers are fresh, lush, and beautiful.

Poinsettias make a lovely addition to your holiday decorations or a welcome gift for friends, co-workers and teachers. The small profit made on this sale will be used by the Sanctuary Committee to defray committee expenses throughout the year.

Simply fill in the enclosed order blank, tear off the pick-up reminder at the bottom, and mail in the order form with your check to the church or drop them in the offering plate by Sunday, November 22, 2015. You may pick up your plants at the church on Thursday, December 10, from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Call Donna Forgash at 410-726-2303 with any questions or to make other pick-up arrangements.

Thank you

WPC Sanctuary Committee 

Advent Booklet

If you have not yet submitted your story to the Advent-ures Advent Booklet, please do so asap.  You may bring your submission by the church office or email to  Thank you!


Notes of Thanks

Thank you to all for your cards, calls and prayers during my bout with shingles. I was amazed to find out how many of you are in the “club”, having had them yourself or know someone who has. Your support has meant a lot to me.

Debbie Clark

* * * * *

I would like to extend a blanket thank you to all of the members who helped with this year’s Yard Sale Extravaganza! Many of the customers (yard salers) had mentioned that our volunteer sale people and cashiers were much more helpful than the paid workers at the department stores. That is the beauty about giving time for the Lord. Another layer of hope and care emerges that is palpable to the outside world.

The members of Wicomico Presbyterian Church work together as a COLLECTIVE CHURCH!

Thank you.

Nichole Martin and the members of The Mission Committee

* * * * *

Undie Sunday was a HUGE success!

Carol Montgomery, Chair and Nancy Althaus delivered $150 worth of socks and under pants to Chipman Elementary School. The School Nurse was close to being overwhelmed with tears by what was delivered. She was so grateful for WPC’s generosity. “You are definitely grand-parents to the rescue! You’ve got them “covered” from Pre-K, Kindergarten through the First Graders. Thank you very much.”

* * * * *

Thank you to everyone who filled in for me while I was on vacation for a few days. I really appreciate your help and little notes that make things go smoother for me when I return to the office. You all are a blessing!

Bravard Cornbrooks



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