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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Many changes are occurring at WPC! The two buildings to the east of the church were demolished in March. The now-open space provides a great view of our church to those travelling on Route 50 and on Broad Street. Many long-time residents of Salisbury seem not to know the location of our church. Our church will be more visible now. Soon grass and landscaping will replace the dirt and our campus will have an open and inviting look. Many people worked on this project, but our church owes special thanks to Nevins Todd, Peter Alexander and George MacNamara for accomplishing this project.

As I write this, the new Sound System is being installed. This project has been in the works for about 4 years. After receiving continuing com-plaints about the difficulty of hearing, Session appointed Robin Long to convene a committee composed of Denny Mogan, Colin Jemison and J.C. Taylor to study the issue. After consulting with 3 companies and several visits to other churches, more fact-finding and refining of bid specifications, the committee recommended and Session approved the quote from Mid-South Audio of Georgetown, DE for $23,746, to be paid from the Memorial Fund account. It is in this account that contributions in memory of deceased members is deposited.

Another change is due to my upcoming retirement. Members are beginning to assume some of the tasks I have been performing, and I am stepping back from some activities and meetings as we transition to that time when I will not be here. Session has met once with the Executive Presbyter of New Castle Presbytery, Dr. Jim Moseley, and the Committee on Ministry Liaison, Susan Baer, about transition issues and the next steps in securing the services of an Interim Pastor. It is hoped that the Interim Pastor may be in place by mid-summer.

Change happens. Some changes are good, some are welcome; some are not so good or so welcome. But change is inevitable. We discover this as our bodies change and we can no longer do the things we once did. Our hearing fades and we can’t walk at our former pace. When one of our appliances breaks, we can’t find the parts to repair it or the model has been discontinued. The changes in technology overwhelm us. We have to learn new things constantly. Change is hard, but it is inevitable. And so, we face the changes occurring at our beloved church.

Do not be discouraged! As Jesus said to the disciples, “Do not your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid.” (John 14:27b). God will be with you as you encounter the changes that are coming; God will be with Lynn and me as we encounter the changes that are coming to us. God isn’t finished with any of us yet! God has great plans for us. Believe this and embrace the changes before us!

In Christian Love and Peace!

Don Rising


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Has your email address changed? Please notify the Church Office.

Has your address changed? Please notify the Church Office.

Have you acquired a new cell phone or changed your phone number? Please notify the Church Office.


Stories from the Basement

Help and Outreach Point of Entry, Inc.

By Donna Clark RN, Director

Over the past months I have briefly mentioned a client who was injured by a falling tree limb, and I would like to give you a clearer picture of this man. He has been a client of our agency since 2005 and began to utilize our services in 2010.

A quiet man whose deafness often limits his ability to interact with others also has an inability to deal with people. His mental health issues remain untreated, and when he is in a group that gets loud or excited, he begins to backtrack and get as far away as possible. Living in the woods for about 10 years doing exactly as he pleases, he is happy to live with nature and be left alone. He does not panhandle or receive any financial benefits from the government, and I have often wondered how he manages to find money to purchase the alcohol and food that he consumes.

He is not a thief and would never consider doing anything to hurt another person. He is a very gentle kind man with mental pain that he self-medicates with alcohol. In recent years he has begun to consume much less alcohol, and when he was injured in March, he was very sober. I believe that is why he was not injured worse than what he was.

Since the injury, he remained completely sober until another old friend moved into his tent (invited) and began to provide him with unlimited alcohol. When he did not keep an appointment at the Wound Center a few weeks ago, we were notified and we visited his camp. We found him completely inebriated and barely able to talk. The guest who was also in his tent pulled his blanket over his head when he heard our voices and pretended he was not there.

Our client was apologetic for his failure but did not want any help with dressing change or rescheduling his appointment. As we left, reassuring him of our love, we required that he sober up and take care of himself before we would return. Two weeks went by and he finally contacted us. His tent guest had been evicted and our client was sober and ready for care. He wants to continue to live in the woods and wants to remain sober.

We are all God’s children, and if you want to judge this man, please take a look at yourself first. He is a kind and loving person, in pain, trying to solve his own problems. We continue to share God’s love with him and encourage him to give his problems to God. Please keep him in your prayers as he is in ours.

Luke 15: 11-24

Soup Kitchen

APRIL 16, 2015  

#Served 58                  #Refills 7

Menu: Shepherd’s pie, applesauce, rolls, cake

Contributors: MD Food Bank, Deacons, Debbie Clark, Phyliss White, Sue Reddish

Helpers: Nevins Todd, Pete Swain, Chris Poole, Connie Wigglesworth, Jane Burt; Sue Reddish, David Smith and Harriette Schmick all cooked.

Minute 4 Mission

*A special thanks to Larry & Annie McCauley, Kim & Barbara Robinson, the Pittsburgh Project Team members, and Sylvia Langeler for making the Habitat Fund raiser dinner a big success. After expenses were deducted, Habitat received $365!

*Rent-A-Kid is available for hire. Call Larry McCauley @ 410-430-7333. Funds raised will offset the $250/person cost to send Josh & Mathew Robinson, their friend Dominque, and Tim Carter to Pittsburgh this June. Larry McCauley is the designated driver and chaper-one extraordinaire! So far, $580 has been raised.

*The Mission/Support Council set aside $560 in this year’s Budget for unexpected needs.

Manokin Presbyterian Church reached out to the other seven Makamie Churches asking for each to contribute funds to the two Somerset County families suffering such tragic losses last month. The committee voted to give $100 each to the Todd and Joyner families. This money will be overseen by the Manokin Church. In response to the devastating earth quake in Nepal, WPC will be sending $200 to the New Castle Presbytery/PCUSA Disaster Relief Fund. Funds will be sent in support of Cyclone Pam Disaster Assistance.

God, From My Youth You Have Taught Me

Psalm 71:47

*The Pentecost Offering, the 2nd of our denomination’s 4 Special Offerings will take place on May 24, 2015. 60% of the money raised will support PCUSA’s three programs: Young Adult Volunteers, Ministries for Youth, and Children-at-Risk. The 40% that stays locally must be used to support programs for children at risk. The Mission/Support Council elected to designate Lazarus Mission to be the recipient of this gift. Someone from Lazarus Mission has been invited to speak at WPC’s May 17th Church service’s Minute 4 Mission.

A gift to the Pentecost Offering helps the church encourage, develop, and support its young people. Please notate on your check “Pentecost Offering;” likewise on the outside of your envelope. You can mail it in, stop by the church office or better yet, drop it in the collection plate any Sunday between now and the 17th of June. 


Presbyterian Women invite all the women of the church to join us for dinner and Bible study on Wednesday, May 13, at 6:00 p.m. The Circles are preparing a full meal, so just come as you are.

The Bible study continues with the fruits of the Spirit, as recorded in Galatians 5:22-23. We are on the third virtue – Peace. Our study will include small and large group experiences. We will use other scriptures to see how peace was lived out in Bible times and how we can live peace out in our times. Please come join us.



Wednesday Alive

Is Alive and Well!

So please come and join us

Please join us on May 6th at 6 p.m. for Wednesday Alive.  Pot-luck followed by a program.


On Sunday, June 7, a collaborative concert will be played by combined handbell choirs from WPC and St. Peter's at 4:00 pm at the Langeler Memorial Building. A free-will offering will be received and divided between the music ministries from both churches.

Please join us for our special spring music and worship events, and bring your friends!



This month we shine our spotlight on Lloyd Spence, Jr., but most of us know him as “Pete”. Pete is married to Ellen, his wife of 41 years and they live in Quantico. They raised 4 children, Troy (who just celebrated a birthday in April), Lloyd III, Cam and Wendy. Sadly, Lloyd III passed away but will live on in the hearts of his family and friends. As their children are grown and have moved out of the house, Pete and Ellen share their home with their faithful Australian shepherd mix dog, Toby.

Pete and Ellen have been members of Wicomico Presbyterian Church for the past 18 years. Pete said that it was the friendly people that drew him to our congregation, and we are so glad they stayed as he has served our church as a member of the Board of Trustees.

Pete enjoys entertaining his grandchildren, traveling, bicycling, and visiting with friends and family. You may also find Pete out on the links playing golf when he has the time. A man of many talents, Pete likes to work on “most anything that is broken”, repairing and restoring vehicles and woodworking.

Pete has been employed by the Maryland State Police for the past 18 years. He flies the MSP Helicopter known as “Trooper 4” out of the Salisbury airport. After spending almost 22 years in the U.S. Coast Guard moving around the country, flying in the gulf to the oil rigs and flying for the Maryland State Police, Pete’s goal is to retire and enjoy spending time with family and friends. He would also like to take a trip to Australia.

So the next time you hear the whir of a helicopter overhead, look up and wave – it just may be Pete Spence transporting an injured patient, searching for a missing person or helping law enforcement with some important mission.


Are We There Yet?

The Finance Committee is happy to report that many of the members are adjusting the way they make their quarterly, semi-annual and yearly pledge in order to make it easier for the Treasurer to pay bills on behalf of the church.

Thank you for hearing the need and responding.

However, there is no way to sugar coat the fact that the Church Treasury has a deficit of about $20,000 as of April 23, 2015. The main drain has been the utility bills. The 1st quarter financial report may be reviewed in the Church Office. If every member would give $4.00 more per week, we could move from the red ink side of the ledger over to the black ink side by the end of the year. It is fiscally irresponsible to keep dipping into Endowment funds to underwrite our responsibility for the care and maintenance of our beloved church.

Please be in prayer that each and every one of us will see their ability to make this happen.




Dear Friends,

Our Session is beginning the process of searching for a new pastor following the retirement of Dr. Rising in June. We are not alone in our search. The Presbytery, through its Committee on Ministry, will be working with us every step of the way. The search is a process, the length of which is usually determined by the complexity of the congregation’s spiritual and other needs. And, through prayer and discussion, that is up to us to determine.

Of greater importance, God is with us on our journey. I call your attention to the following quote from A Manual For Churches Seeking Pastors, a guidebook from the General Assembly of the PCUSA.

The pastoral call process is guided by Jesus Christ, the head of the church, who provides you with all thatyou need to be the church.”

The manual goes on to say that calling a pastor is not simply hiring a new employee. It’s participating in God’s own choice for the church by opening ourselves to the work of the Holy Spirit who will guide, nudge, empower, inspire, comfort and inform us in our journey toward finding the pastoral leadership we need to do His work.

What comfort we have in knowing that God is with each of us as we look within ourselves, our congregation, and the mission of Wicomico Presbyterian Church in order that we better understand ourselves and accept God’s choice for our next pastor.

Yours in Christ,

W. Lee Hammond

Clerk of Session

Help Tracing Family Tree

Interested in knowing whether any member of the congregation would be interested in having some help researching your family tree.  Elisa McCauley has taken several classes on the subject and would like to help others track their family roots.  Contributions to Elisa's expenses would be appreciated, but not necessarily required.

Church Triumphant

WPC lost a 50-year member of our family on April 14, 2015. Madlyn B. Smith, widow of Harry (died April 15, 2012), died that morning. While Madlyn held no office in our congregation, she was a faithful attender until her health declined. For years, it was difficult for her to attend worship because she was so conscientious in managing Harry’s diabetes. Over the years she helped in the Joseph House Soup Kitchen ministry, hosted dinners for new members, helped with church receptions and was active in the Presbyterian Women. We shall miss her stately manner and her warm smile.

* * * * * *

Frances K. Turner also joined the Church Triumphant on April 3rd (Good Friday).  She became a member of Wicomico Presbyterian on December 5, 1975 when she and her husband, John, moved to the area. She was a close friend of several of our members. She was an ordained Deacon and Elder. She was active in the Presbyterian Women and helped decorate the sanctuary, helped with receptions served as a Greeter. In later years, her health prevented her from participation. We commend her to the care of her loving Father, for she is safely home.

Blessed are those who die in the Lord. They rest from their labors and their good works follow them.

Notes of Thanks


We were overwhelmed once again by the extensive commitment from our congregation in response to the Community Emergency Shelter Project. Thank you so much for your labor of love with this ministry. It took many volunteer hours to make it a success and by doing so, we showed the men that we served that we are servants of God. If we could, we would name everyone that helped and say a special thank you, but instead, please know that you are appreciated, and we thank God for YOU!

Norma Cotter and Pat Taylor

* * * * * *


Thank you to the two new Money Counters. Their identities are a secret until they are approved by Session on 5/12/15. Also a big thanks to the three new individuals who said they would be back-up Counters should the need arise. Harriette Schmick was called into action when Nancy Curry broke her leg.

* * * * * *


On March 21st, I lost my best friend, confidante, travel companion, and someone I could always depend on to solve problems I did not want to face or have the patience for. I watched her bravely battle ALS for 2½ years with never a complaint or an attitude of “Why ME?”. I marveled at how calmly she accepted her fate and was so thankful for all she had been able to do in her seventy-two good years.

I know how much her church family meant to her and how she missed attending when ALS intervened. I thank you all for the many cards, gifts, and especially the prayers on her behalf. To see her eyes brighten when I would bring her a mailbox full of cards was, by extension, a gift to me. The excellent turn-out and the generous contributions for “Jean’s Team” on April 18th speaks highly of the esteem in which she was held and so richly deserved.

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you how grateful I am for the many cards, expressions of sympathy, flowers, and gifts I have received since her passing. As it was to Jean, the church family has likewise been a blessing to me.

Jean had been in my life since 1962, and her last 2 ½ years were very hard for me to watch. I am so thankful her passing was so peaceful, and I had the privilege of being with her to the end. Jean is now walking, talking, eating, and seeing things she never could have seen in her earthly travels.

Godspeed, dear friend, until we meet again.

Alda Mae Owens

* * * * * *

Thank you for your generous donations to the ALS Walk. The April 21st total was $2,990, with more promised. Special thanks to those who walked and to Carol Sipe for her embroidery on our team pages!

Looking Ahead

June 7-- worship time changes to 10 AM. This schedule continues until September 13th.

June 7-- Church Picnic follows worship

June 14 --Celebration of the Lord’s Supper by intinction


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