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September 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

"We never know what God has planned, and the best we can do is to make ourselves available to do God's work in whatever capacity God works out for us. If we do that, it is not a matter of winning or losing. It's a matter of being open to all sorts of possibilities and being faithful to God's will as it plays out", said
Dr. Heath Rada, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

How have you made yourself available to do God's work? How do you discern God's special call to you? These questions have presented challenges to Christians for a long time. Some folks are fortunate enough to have a strong sense of call, to know from a young age what they feel their life's ministry and mission should be. They can envision exactly where and how they are to live out God's purpose for their lives. They are able to plan, train, locate, and work toward that purpose.

But others scramble to discern what God's call is. A former parishioner once said to me, "I wish God sent his plan for me on letterhead; then I would know for sure." God does not use letterhead, and many of us do not have that “a-ha” moment when we experience the certainty of our life's direction.

Autumn is a wonderful time to re-commit ourselves to God's call. The refreshing breezes of fall somehow invigorate us, calling us to new challenges. Here at Wicomico Presbyterian, opportunities for faithfulness to our Lord abound. Could you help teach a Sunday School class? Would you consider knitting a cap for homeless men? Could you bring non-perishable food items to help feed our hungry neighbors through the Lazarus Food Pantry? How about joining other women in fellowship and service through a Circle? Do you want to grow in your faith through Bible study, either during Sunday morning adult Sunday School or the weekly Brown Bag Bible study? Could you volunteer to assist in supervising our little ones occasionally in the church nursery? Would you like to sing in the choir or ring handbells? Are you willing to move out of your comfort zone to warmly welcome a visitor in our worship service? Maybe you would like to assist with the monthly Soup Kitchen at the Joseph House.

Our congregation has a strong track record of ministry and mission. God calls us to be faithful, and our church offers many opportunities to grow in service and faithfulness. Perhaps you haven't experienced that one distinct and unique call and are still trying to find your niche in service and God's plan for you. But while you wait, remember to "be open to possibilities and make yourself available to do God's work," remembering that our God is in charge and can use you in surprising and fulfilling ways.

In Christ,

Don Rising


SEPT 7 -- 9:45 AM Welcome Back Breakfast

                11:00 AM Worship / Communion

SEPT 14 -- 9:45 AM Sunday School

                  11:00 AM Worship

SEPT 21 -- 9:45 AM Sunday School

                  11:00 AM Worship

SEPT 28 -- 9:45 AM Sunday School

      11:00 AM Worship

Has your email address changed? Please notify the Church Office.

Has your address changed? Please notify the Church Office.

Have you acquired a new cell phone or changed your phone number? Please notify the Church Office.



Dear Parents and Students of all Ages:Our Sunday School program will restart on September 14 at 9:45 AM. We have great teachers for the various age groups:

  • Preschool (age 3 to Kindergarten)—Ginny Mogan, assisted by Alicia Carter

  • Early Elementary (Kindergarten and 1st Grade)—Carol Cuppett

  • Elementary (2nd Grade and up)—John Crapster, assisted by Cindi Ashcraft

  • Young Adults—Pastor Donald Rising

  • Upper Room Adult Class—Rotating Leadership

There is a registration form available for parents to enroll their children. We hope that as many members and friends of WPC as possible will participate in Sunday School in the coming year. If you are interested in assistant or substitute teaching, please let Marie Carter know.

The Christian Education Council 


Dr. Rising’s Brown Bag Bible Study returns on Wednesday, September 17, at noon. 
The study lasts an hour, concluding at 1 PM. Bring a bag lunch/sandwich. Beverages will be available. 
This 6-week study will focus on the life of David.

On September 17th, we’ll be discussing I Samuel 16, the anointing of David.


This fall there will be a new opportunity for the members and friends of Wicomico Presbyterian Church to fellowship as the Living Body of Christ. Small groups known as “Life Groups” will meet regularly in the homes of church members. The goals of this new undertaking are to build our faith and strengthen our relationships. All ages are welcome: singles, couples and families. A maximum of 10-12 people will attend each Life Group. The responsibility to lead Bible or book studies will rotate, as will the responsibility to provide snacks. Sign up on the chart in the hallway if you are willing to host, teach or simply attend one of the groups.



Calling All Knitters

The Knitting Group, which is now called “Knit Two, Chat Too”, meets on the third Monday of the month in the church Parlor. Please come and join us for some knitting and chatting. Contact Ellie Sheppard at 410-546-5770 if you have any questions.

Wednesday’s Alive Returns

There is good news for everyone who enjoys an evening of fun and fellowship! Our first meeting of the year is on Wednesday, September 3, at 6:00 p.m. The timely topic is “Let’s Grow Our Church”. Our facilitator is Robin Long, and we need your input. So come out and join us then, and please bring with you a main dish, salad, or dessert for 6-8 people. See you there!


The following musicians provided special music for summer worship services while church choirs were on vacation: vocalists John Allenm, Debra Clark, Robin Long, Patti Mannion, Claudia Nelson, Ellie Sheppard, Carol Sipe, Sarah Swain, William Willis, and instrumentalists Bill Folger and Martha Swain. Thank you for offering your time and talents to our congregation!

Welcome back to choirs! Here are our starting dates and times for fall:

Chancel Choir (singers high school age and above) will sing in 11:00 worship on Sunday, September 7, with a 10:30 rehearsal in the sanctuary. Weekly rehearsals begin on Thursday, September 11, at 7:45 p.m. in the social hall. All are welcome to join – a love of singing is the only requirement!

Tintinnabulators (handbell ringers high school age and above) will begin weekly rehearsals on Thursday, September 11, at 6:30 in the sanctuary. We need 2 additional ringers in this group; both with excellent music reading skills and one with the ability to lift our larger handbells repeatedly. Substitute ringers are also needed almost every week, so if you would like to ring without a weekly commit-ment, please volunteer to fill in for missing ringers.

Joyful Noise (children’s choir) resumes Saturday, September 13, with gathering at 9:30 AM and music from 10:00-11:00. Currently an all-girls choir, this group sings, plays chimes, handbells, rhythm instruments, mallet instruments, and recorders, and enjoys musical games and creative movement activities. Following music class, the girls meet from 11:00-12:00 as Girl Scout Troop 471.

If you would like to join any of the above groups or would like more information, please contact Susan Zimmer at the church or 410-430-4715. Happy music making!


Soup Kitchen

JULY 17, 2014

#Served 130               #Refills 50

Menu: Hot dog on a bun, mac and cheese, tossed salad, cake

Contributors: MD Food Bank, Deacons, Nan Curry, Phyliss White, Dorothy Johnson, Kathy Bushman, Sue Reddish

Helpers: Pete Swain, Chris Hatton, Lee Hammond, Nan Curry, Cecelia Dennis; Sue Reddish and David Schmick cooked.

AUGUST 21, 2014

#Served 100      #Refills 29

Menu: Hot dog on a bun, mac and cheese, tossed salad, cake

Contributors: MD Food Bank, Deacons, Debbie Clark, Ginny Mogan, Nan Curry

Helpers: Denny Mogan, Pete Kosinski, Diane Langeler, Carol Montgomery, Ellen Spence, Sylvia Langeler, Connie Wigglesworth, Sue Reddish, Donna Forgash

Help for H.O.P.E.

Most of you are aware that one of the projects we support is H.O.P.E. Donna Clark works from space donated to them in our church basement. Last month I told you about the need they have each November for hats, scarves and gloves for the homeless men that H.O.P.E. and our church support. If you can knit or crochet, please feel free to make something for this cause. If you would rather buy a hat or two or gloves to donate, please do so. Any donation will be gratefully accepted. If you need yarn or a pattern, please let me know. Carol Montgomery (410-749-0253).

Stories from the Basement

Help and Outreach Point of Entry, Inc.


Donna Clark RN, Director

Back in May 2007 when we moved into our office in the basement of Wicomico Presby-terian Church, the office space seemed huge. We moved in with office furniture which was put together by two of our clients. Some furniture was supplied by the church and we felt we had more space than we would ever need.

Over the years we have brought in 4 more file cabinets, tubs to store the underwear and other clothing, food to feed those who come to us hungry, and other miscellaneous supplies. This morning as the clients came en mass for services, our 5 volunteers and the clients coming to the back office for services were dancing around each other in a slow waltz. Everyone was pleasant and cooperative. As I wended my way through the crowd I had a smile on my face, remembering the earlier days of our agency.

God has blessed us with so much, and as long as I stay out of His way, everything seems to get taken care of.

Recently I have been rereading the book The Shack by Wm. Paul Young. It is a work of fiction but it is a deeply moving book about building a strong relationship with God. One of the illustrations is an image of just falling backwards without fear because God will be there to hold you in his arms and protect you from all harm. We are to trust our every action to Him knowing that He wants us to have a joyous and rich life.

The story of H.O.P.E., Inc. is one of trust in God. We started from the backs of our cars and the office was on the dining room table. God has supplied everything we have needed along the way. He blesses this ministry with His love and it shows on the faces of the volunteers and those we serve. Thank you Lord for everything.


MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!!  Yes, it’s that time of year again to fill your hearts with the love and joy of giving at Christmas time by filling a shoebox with hygiene items, school supplies, toys, candy, stuffed animals and the like.  Throughout the months of August, September, and October we will be collecting filled shoeboxes to be sent to children in impoverished areas at Christmas time.  Along with the Christmas boxes, children will be taught about the love of Christ (one way is through receiving these gifts).  So make a child smile and make your own heart sing by grabbing an empty shoebox, filling it with love and bringing it back to church by the first of November.

Yours in Christ,

Mission and Stewardship Council

The Ice Bucket Challenge Came to WPC!

On Saturday, August 23rd, 40 members and friends of Wicomico Presbyterian came out on a beautiful morning for two main reasons. We wanted to accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, raising awareness for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Even more, we wanted to honor our good friend Jean Dennis, who was diagnosed with the disease about a year ago. Participants from the age of 7 to … well, a more mature group, enjoyed the thrills and chills of the event. A few folks chose to be doused with confetti, but the majority brought their own buckets, filled them with ice and water, and on the count of 3, dumped the contents over their heads. Jean was on hand to watch the event. Photographers and reporters from WMDT-TV and the Salisbury Daily Times provided media coverage.

Robin Long coordinated the event, which both demonstrated our love and support for Jean and also provided a wonderful sense of camaraderie. In addition to the fun, over $1,732 was raised for the local ALS Chapter at Peninsula Regional Medical Center.



All the women of the church are cordially invited to attend our annual Fall Dinner on Wednesday, September 10, at 6:00 p.m. Our theme this year is “No Longer Strangers – Diverse Sisters in God’s Household”. It comes from Ephesians 2:19, which reads “So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are citizens with the saints and also members of the household of God”. The circles are providing the food, and there will be a brief program and overview of the 2014-2015 Bible study.

Reconciling Paul

Presbyterian Women will be studying 2 Corinthians in a contemporary way in their circles for 2014-2015. We all understand that Paul’s writings influenced early Christianity and continue to do so today. Paul forged his faith in a time of great change. Our world today is also filled with great changes.

We will look at Paul’s letter through the lens of today’s issues. We will related Paul’s theology and ideas to our time in history. The aspects of healing, love, reconciliation, partnership and power in weakness are prominent in 2 Corinthians, and the character of Paul himself is developed in this study.




Peace In The Park

The public is invited to celebrate International Day of Peace. The event, Peace in our Community, Peace in Our World, will be held in the Salisbury City Park across from Ben’s Red Swings from 11 AM to 3 PM on Saturday, September 20th. Those attending are invited to bring a food item to be given to the Food Bank.

Name Tags

Thank you to members who remember to wear name tags and write an “M” on the red friendship pad. Several members have indicated they don’t like to wear name tags. Perfect solution? Susan is always looking for new choir members, and name tags are not required! (We especially need sopranos, and all voices are welcome).


If the first six months is any teacher, the Financial Council has learned that our brothers and sisters in Christ at WPC much prefer having a pledge card! I’m the first to admit I will use any assist I can to stay on task. With this in mind, please mark your calendars, and let the twist begin!

Twist One: Stewardship 2015 will begin earlier this year.

Twist Two: There will be a short “Town Meeting” immediately following the Church Service on September 21st to explain the new approach.

Twist Three: Stewardship 2015 pledge cards will be mailed September 22nd.

Twist Four: The Financial Council asks everyone to return their pledge card, after prayerful consideration, by October 3rd.

Twist Five: This represents the biggest change. We normally set the budget first, then conduct the Stewardship Campaign. This time, the Financial Committee is reversing the order. There will be a 2nd “Town Meeting” to prepare the 2015 BUDGET. This procedure will require a lot of prayer from each of us because half of our budget is in salaries and benefits.

Nancy Althaus, Chair

Committee members are: Mark Cotter, Lee Hammond, George MacNamara, Larry McCauley, Chris Pool, and Don Rising.


Here’s a thought-provoking article that appeared in the July 16, 2014 issue of the Midweek Musings from New Castle Presbytery’s webpage.

Why Church Members Don’t Invite Others to Church

By Chuck Lawless

Several years ago, more than one study showed large percentages of unchurched would consider attending a church if someone simply invited them. The problem is not the attitude of the unchurched; rather, it is often the failure of church members to invite others. When my church consulting teams have asked church members about their reticence to invite others to church, here are ten responses we have often heard (listed in no particular order):

1. “I just don’t think about it.” – Many church members have contact with the unchurched every week, if not every day. They go to school with them, work with them, live beside them – and sometimes live with them. What church folks don’t do, though, is see the unchurched as “sheep without a shepherd” (Matt. 9:36), as spiritual beings in need of redemption and a church family.

2. “I’m afraid I’ll be rejected.” – Nobody likes to be turned down, especially after taking the risk to invite somebody to church. It’s just easier to avoid that possibility by not inviting anyone at all (interestingly, church members could tell us times when others said “no,” but few could tell us of times when they were rudely or unkindly rejected).

3. “The music isn’t that good.” – Some may argue the worship wars are over, but the battles seem to be ongoing. Our teams continue to hear refrains like, “it’s too loud,” “it’s too boring,” “we sing it over and over again,” and “nobody knows the songs.” Church members who themselves don’t enjoy the music don’t readily invite others to join them.

4. “The preaching isn’t strong.” – This response was seemingly the most painful one to admit. Church members who love their pastors do not want to hurt them, but they spoke honestly to our consulting teams. When the preaching is poor, invitations to the unchurched decrease.

5. “We’ve got too many church problems right now.” – Church members don’t always know all the issues facing a congregation, but they frequently recognize when something “just isn’t right.” They see the attendance decreasing, or they hear of internal conflict. Simply stated, they do not invite their friends onto a battleground.

6. “Our church is already too crowded.” – This issue is particularly an American one, as Americans protect our personal space. We don’t like being cramped, even in church. Moreover, we don’t want to have to search for a parking space before entering that already crowded building. One way to avoid more crowding is to stop inviting anyone.

7. “Nobody ever challenged me to invite anyone.” – This reason is related to the first one on this list. Some church members never think about inviting others because no one has challenged them to do so. This response is especially tragic if many unchurched would respond affirmatively to an invitation.

8. “I don’t know how to start the conversation.” – Simply inviting somebody to church would seem easy, but that’s not the case for many church members. In a culture where discussing religion or politics is almost forbidden, even long-term Christians struggle with initiating an invitation to church.

9. “It’s the Spirit’s job—not mine—to bring people to church.” – To be fair, we have heard this response primarily from congregations seeking to avoid any “man-centered” approach to evangelism. In their zeal to keep their focus on God, they walk cautiously when considering their role in evangelism – including simply inviting others to church.

10. “It’s too far for people to come.” – We live in a mobile culture that promotes church attendance sometimes quite far from where we live. Our teams have learned, however, that church members who drive a long distance are less willing to invite others to drive that same distance.

What reasons would you add to this list? What steps have you taken to address these responses?

Chuck Lawless currently serves as Professor of Evangelism and Missions and Dean of Graduate Studies at Southeastern Seminary. You can connect with Dr. Lawless on both Twitter and Facebook.


What a blessing to be a member of Wicomico Presbyterian Church! When I got my A.L.A. diagnosis, with no treatment and no cure, I decided prayer and support were the only answer. In this regard, I could not belong to a more loving, caring, and supporting church family with all the prayers, cards, flowers, and encouragement I have received.

I was overwhelmed with the willing participation in the “Ice Bucket Challenge” in my honor. Hopefully, this positive publicity in the community will generate some new church members and be a “win-win” situation for all.


Jean Dennis


September 7th: Worship returns to 11 AM and we will celebrate communion. The Welcome Back Breakfast will be held at 9:45 AM that day.

October 3rd is the deadline for returning Pledge Cards.

October 5th is World Communion Sunday and reception of the Peacemaking Offering.


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